Cook's Hideout: Kid's Flower Pot Dessert

May 15, 2013

Kid's Flower Pot Dessert

Kids love Ice cream. Kids love Cake. So what happens when we combine 2 of their favorite desserts in one easy to make/ assemble dessert -- they will ABSOLUTELY LOVE it. I made these for a party last weekend and all the kids when googoo-gaagaa over it. This is will be my last entry for Valli's Kid's Delight: 5 ingredient fix event happening right here this month.
Kid's Flower Pot Dessert
I saw Pioneer Woman make edible flower pots on her show and thought it is a cool idea to serve cake and ice cream in a little terracotta pot, sprinkled with oreo (dirt) and some gummy worms. I bought tiny terracotta pots (2.25") from AC Moore and they were just the right size for my little guests. 'Ice cream wafer cones' would also be great as edible flower pot.
I used homemade chocolate cake and homemade flavored ice creams (here are recipes for homemade ice creams). But good quality store bought stuff would work perfectly. Pioneer woman used store bought pound cake.
Kid's Flower Pot Dessert
Also this happens to be my 700th post, so here's a little kid friendly dessert to celebrate the occasion.
Isn't that a Cute doll??
Kid's Flower Pot Dessert

Cake - Flavor of choice. I used homemade chocolate cake
Ice Cream - Flavors of choice. I made with vanilla, mango and frozen yogurt
Oreo cookies or any chocolate flavored cookies - Crushed
Gummies - for garnish (If you are concerned about gelatin in gummies, then I found Sour Patches is one brand that doesn't have any gelatin)
Gelatin free Sour Patches
  • Wash the flower Pots/ Terracotta pots and dry them thoroughly. I covered the bottom with a plastic wrap because these pots have a tiny hole in the bottom. For completely edible pots use Ice cream wafer cones like these.
  • Cut a small piece of cake to fit in the bottom of the pot. Use your finger to squish it down a little bit.
  • Soften the ice cream on the counter or microwave for a few seconds to easily scoop into the pots. Add couple of tablespoons of ice cream on top of the cake.
  • Sprinkle with crushed oreos and place some gummies on top. 
  • Keep these in the freezer for couple of hours and then serve.
Kid's Flower Pot Dessert
I'm going to do the round up over the weekend. So if you can send me by Saturday May 18, I will include it in the round up. 


  1. Very cute with all the stuff kids love. I think I saw these somewhere but don't remember where.
    Totally forgot that I had to send you the entries. I will do it tomorrow.

  2. What a wonderful idea Pavani, the pots and the dolls look so adorable!..And no words to say about the dessert! Simply too good, I am sure even we would love the cake and ice cream combination..


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