Cook's Hideout: Paneer Veggie Curry in Coconut milk Gravy

October 17, 2013

Paneer Veggie Curry in Coconut milk Gravy

Did you know that this week, October 13 - 19 is National Curry Week in the UK? Who you would have thought that there is even such a thing as curry week. Well, it is good news to food bloggers like us - yet another reason to cook up something yummy for your family.
I saw the lovely ladies @ Blogger's buzz team announce about the 'Curry week' on Facebook and really wanted to join in the fun. What's not to love about curry??
Paneer Veggie Curry in Coconut milk Gravy
After looking through my bookmarks, I found this Paneer-Vegetable Stew recipe from Ecurry. It seemed to be a simple dish with not many spices, so I made some changes to make it more of a curry and less of a stew and served it with some bread for dinner tonight.

Paneer Veggie Curry in Coconut milk Gravy

Paneer - 8oz. cubed
Mixed Vegetables - 2cups (I used frozen mixed veggies with carrots, corn, lima beans, green beans & green peas)
Ginger - 1" piece, grated
Green chilies - 3, slit
Coconut milk - 1½cup
Tomato Puree - ½cup
Kashmiri Red Chili powder/ Sweet Paprika - 2tsp (adjust as per taste)
Turmeric - ½tsp
Ground coriander - 1tsp
Cardamom pods - 3
Cinnamon stick - 1" piece
Salt - to taste


  • Heat a saute pan on medium flame. Add cardamom pods and cinnamon stick to the pan and dry roast them for couple of minutes. As the spices start to get fragrant, add 2tbsp oil and allow to heat up.
  • Now add the chopped veggies, turmeric, grated ginger and green chilies. Cook for 2~3minutes on medium-high flame mixing well, so that veggies are coated with oil. 
  • In a small bowl, whisk coconut milk, ½cup of water, red chili powder, ground coriander and salt.
  • Pour the coconut milk mixture into the pan, lower the heat and simmer covered for 10-12 minutes or until the veggies are crisp tender.
  • Next add tomato puree and cook for 3~4 minutes.
  • Add chopped paneer and cook until heated through, about 2~3 minutes.
  • Garnish with cilantro and serve with rice or roti of choice.

Paneer Veggie Curry in Coconut milk Gravy


  1. That curry looks amazing paneer in all forms, this is a must try!

  2. Another paneer curry in my to do list...looks awesome


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