Cook's Hideout: Banana Rose Milkshake (Bloggers' Buzz Photography Assignment)

September 05, 2013

Banana Rose Milkshake (Bloggers' Buzz Photography Assignment)

This is our first assignment for Bloggers' Buzz Photography Club (#BBPC). We are required to take a photo of any food item using diffused Side lighting. Here's my attempt at doing it. Since this is a food photography assign post, the actual post is really short with  lots of pictures, so please bear with me. Thank you :0)Banana Rose Milkshake
This is Banana Rose Milkshake that I made at least 3 times a week this summer. I saw the recipe on Hari Chandana's blog and loved it so much that I bought a big bottle of rose syrup from Indian store just to try this milkshake. Like any milkshake it is super eay to make and it tastes oh-so-good. I love the girly pink color and the aroma from the rose syrup is just too good. 

Banana Rose Milkshake
I use soy milk and add just a tad bit of sugar or agave nectar to sweeten the milkshake since rose syrup and banana are already sweet to begin. A must try for anyone who loves gulkhand or rose flavor or anyone who's looking for a tasty twist for their milkshake. 
Banana Rose Milkshake
Banana Rose Milkshake
Ingredients: Makes 1 BIG serving
Banana - 1 medium, chopped
Soymilk - 1cup (or any other dairy or non-dairy milk)
Sugar/ Agave nectar - 2tsp (optional)
Rose Syrup - 3tbsp, or as per taste

  • Combine all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Serve right away. Enjoy!!

Banana Rose Milkshake


  1. loved the shade of lightest pink in the shake, must be very yummy..

  2. lovely post and beautiful clicks dear :)

  3. Love the color of the milkshake. It is so refreshing!

  4. gorgeous photos - so crystal clear full of depth and dimension

  5. Awesome Just Love your clicks :) Also do stop by my space when u have free time to browse :) Stay in touch!


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