Cook's Hideout: Aava pettina Aratikaya Kura (Mustard Flavored Raw Banana Curry)

September 02, 2013

Aava pettina Aratikaya Kura (Mustard Flavored Raw Banana Curry)

Blogging Marathon# 32: Letter A
Theme: A-Z Vegetarian Dishes from Andhra Pradesh
Dish: A for Aava pettina Aratikaya Kura (Mustard Flavored Raw Banana Curry)
We are starting our Month long Mega Blogging Marathon today and we are doing 'A-Z' theme this month, which means all the members will be posting recipes with the same letter every day. I chose to do 'A-Z dishes from Andhra Pradesh'. I wanted to do it for quite some time now and with the inspiration of all my fellow marathoners and especially Valli, I'm finally doing it this month.
To start off, a little information about Andhra Pradesh (A.P.). A.P. is situated in the southeast of India. It is 4th largest by area and 5th largest by population. It has the longest coastline among all the states of India. Capital of A.P. is Hyderabad.
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The state comprises of 4 regions: Telangana, Kostha Andhra (Coastal Andhra), Rayalaseema & Uttarandhra. Food varies based on the geographical region, caste and traditions. Andhra food is probably one of the spiciest in India. Rice is our staple and A.P happens to be one of the largest producer of rice along with chilies.
For this marathon, I've tried my best to showcase the unique dishes from A.P. I'm lucky to experience the dishes from the various regions of Andhra right at home. My parents are from Andhra, my in-laws are from Hyderabad and my maternal aunt is settled in Visakhapatnam. This is my humble attempt in recreating some of their dishes through this A-Z series.
I've also tried to adhere to the rules of the theme and made sure that the names start with A-Z in Telugu. But like with any language it is not always possible to 100% translate Telugu words into English. I had to get a little creative with a few of the words :-)
Aava pettina Aratikaya Kura (Mustard Flavored Raw Banana Curry)
Big thanks to all of the below:
(Free) Consultant: Amma.
Sites:, Mahanandi, Sailu's Food, Vah re Vah Chef
Cookbooks: Cooking at Home with Pedatha, Vantalu-Pindivantalu by Malathi Chandur, 660 Curries

To start of 'Letter A': A stands for veggies like aratikaya (raw banana/ plantain), anapakaya (bottle gourd), alugadda (potato) and so on. A is also for the very famous Andhra Avakaya, the super spicy Mango pickle. I never made this traditional I have a sweeter version of it here.

A for Ava pettina Aratikaya Kura:
A is also for Aavalu (mustard seeds) and today's dish combines two ingredients starting with 'A' to make an 'A+' tasting dish that screams home to me. Ground mustard gives makes this dish earthy and spicy, the taste of which is a little difficult to describe. All you will say is 'delicious'.
Raw banana in this dish can be substituted with Cabbage or sweet pumpkin (erra gummadikaya).
Aava pettina Aratikaya Kura (Mustard Flavored Raw Banana Curry)
Aratikaya/ Raw Banana - 3 medium or 2 large, peeled and chopped
Tamarind pulp - 1tbsp
Turmeric - ¼tsp
Salt - to taste

For Paste:
Mustard seeds - 1½tsp
Rice - 1tbsp
Ginger - 1" piece
Coconut - ¼cup, grated
Cilantro - ¼cup, chopped

For Tempering:
Urad dal - 1tsp
Mustard seeds - 1tsp
Curry leaves - 6-8
Asafoetida/ Hing - ¼tsp
Green chilies - 4-5
Gound Mustard Paste
  • Soak mustard seeds and rice in little water for at least 30 minutes.
  • Then grind the soaked mustard seeds and rice along with ginger, grated coconut and cilantro into a smooth paste adding little water. Keep aside.
  • Boil banana until tender. Drain and set aside.
  • In a saute pan, heat tbsp oil and add the tempering ingredients. Once the seeds start to splutter, add the boiled banana, turmeric, salt and ground paste. Cook for 4-5 minutes for the flavors to mingle.
  • Next add tamarind pulp and cook until the raw smell of tamarind cooks off, another 3-4 minutes. Serve hot with steamed rice and a dollop of ghee.
Our simple lunch with mamidikaya pappu, aratikaya kura and annam.
Aava pettina Aratikaya Kura (Mustard Flavored Raw Banana Curry)

Logo courtesy : Preeti
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  1. Wow ! Means we will learn all about Andhra cuisine throughout the month , that's good . It's a little bit difficult to learn the names and hence I will bookmark all these wonderful recipes . Raw banana with flavors of mustard , I am just imagining the aroma ...
    And last but to least love your clicks!!

  2. Pavani, thank you so much for doing this..this is really mind blowing..I know end of this marathon, I will have a whole to make myself. And hats off to your efforts in doing this..great pictures as always!..looking forward to the series..

  3. It is surely A+, Pavani. I am so looking forward to all the delicacies!!

  4. Pavani know what ...for the first few minutes I studied's been years since I saw a map...and this really refreshed me..truly commendable.
    Now I am wishing somebody could record these names and make me repeat over and over so I could pronounce them..I am terrible..any way I love the flavors you have used, this dish must be marking..tell me what other veggie can be used in this?

  5. Thanks for choosing whole andhra recipes, now we get the chance to explore lots of variation from AP.

  6. Wow!Great post Pavani! I was really looking forward to this series. My folks are from Andra so at the end of BM 32 I am going to surprise them with a full fledged andra meal.
    And,The curry looks really appetizing!

  7. Pavani, I too contemplated on the Andhra idea and finally gave up owing to my India trip. Though it should have been the other way since I could have had great help from my family in India. :) Anyway, eager to follow you thru this journey.
    A nice start with this traditional and flavorful one.

  8. this is one I def. would try and I have green plantain in the good

  9. very beautiful looking dish but it could be your photography as well which I am in love with

  10. Just cant take my eyes from that bowl of aratikaya kura.. Wow thats wonderful u chosed to cooked Andhra recipes through out this month..

  11. Pavani, I'm looking forward to the whole Andhra series from your end. What I find really interesting in this dish, apart from the mustard flavour is that there's a ground paste to go with a dry side, something I havent done much. Looks lovely

  12. Pavani, I'm looking forward to the entire Andhra series from you. Lovely introduction to the state and its cuisine for those who don't know. Specifically about this dish: it seems very interesting to me because of the fresh mustard paste and raw banana combination plus also because I've not much used fresh ground paste in dry sides. Looks wonderful

  13. Yummy recipe pavani.. I just want to grab a spoonful of that curry..I know the taste of ava pettina kooralu & they are just yum.

  14. Wow lovely kura though I am mix of andhra and tamilnadu I still need to learn lot of andhra dishes wil bookmark ur recipes for sure thanks for sharing its so drool worthy

  15. Lovely start Pavani. Regional dishes are the best always.. :) Looking forward to your series..

  16. Pavani, such a lovely explanation and i can't believe how many new dishes i would have by the end of this marathon to try :)

  17. I am looking forward to learn a lot of Andhra cooking from you in this Marathon. Other than Bagare baigan, hyderabadi Biryani and Andhra pickles I am not very familiar with Andhra foods.
    Once I am home on Friday I will make this for sure.

  18. beautiful written post!!! Nice to learn a simple and elegant Regional dish!!


  19. Very interesting write up Pavani. Looking forward to all theAndhra recipes in this series. Te raw banana curry looks very appetising...

  20. wow!!!I am looking forward to the whole of andhra series and this curry looks very appetising1

  21. Wow Pavani this is awesome. Generally when I look at raw bananas its like O God now what? Not anymore my family will lick their fingers with this delicious veggie.
    And about your pics I must say its awesome. I do not know how you manage to make anything as simple as 2 springs of coriander a beautiful statement. Wish I had your panache.

  22. awesome pics as usual - I too made this from the book...

  23. This also goes directly into 'bookmarked' list! Will let you know how it turns out...

  24. Awesome pictures as usual and my MIL used to prepare in this way..Totally missing her Andhra dishes..

  25. I love Andhra curry recipes, especially raw banana curry recipes. thanks for sharing. best platform for learners for those who are trying to learn how to cook it. even you can try Gutti vanakaya kura recipe.


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