Cook's Hideout: A.W.E.D-Morocco Round up

October 03, 2009

A.W.E.D-Morocco Round up

Thank you DK (@ Chef In You) for giving me this opportunity to guest-host A.W.E.D. It is always interesting to learn about other food cultures and it is so amazing to see the similarities between them. Moroccan cuisine to me is something very exotic with lots of colorful vegetables and spicy flavors. And all of you have sent in such delicious dishes that I was drooling just looking at the pics. Thank you all for taking time and participating. So let's see what was cooked for A.W.E.D-Morocco... Shall we!!

Nutritious Moroccan Appetizers - Soups & Salads:

DK @ Chef In You sent this nutritious Moroccan Harira Soup. I can probably have this soup everyday in winter.
Meenakshi @ Ponderings of a Product Manager Mom sent in her version of Moroccan Harira that she makes in the pressure cooker; fast, convenient & nutritious.

Priya @ Priya's Easy n Tasty Recipes sent in 3 appetizers: Moroccan Shorba that is simple enough to make and is packed with flavor.

She also sent in Harira-a Traditional Moroccan Soup.

Her final appetizer is this simply delicious Sweet Carrot Salad. My carrot loving son will be very happy when I make this.

Lastly here's my Moroccan Soup that actually started of being a salad and ended up a soup. But I promise it was yummy and we licked our bowls clean.

Update: Curry Leaf sent in this Carrot Macharmal - Moroccan Spiced Carrot that looks absolutely delicious.

Yummy Moroccan Entrees:

Indhu @ Thayirsaadham sent in this protein packed Moroccan Red Lentil & Bean Stew. This dish will fill you up and warm you out on a chilly winter night.

Cham @ Spice-Club sent in this mouth watering Chickpea stew, that she served along with Couscous cooked with raisins and almonds.

Priya @ Priya's Easy n Tasty Recipes sent in her Moroccan Vegetarian Couscous that's filled with tons of veggies and lots of flavor.

Lavi @ Home Cook's Recipes sent in this Moroccan Seven Vegetable Stew with Couscous; name of the dish itself fills me up.
Finally here's my Vegetable Tagine that is colorful and flavorful at the same time.

Spicy Moroccan Condiments:

Grazina @ Erbe in Cucina (Cooking with Herbs) sent in her Spicy Harissa that can be used in many Moroccan dishes.
Sweet Moroccan Desserts & Beverages:
Priya @ Priya's Easy n Tasty Recipes sent in her Almond milk that's flavored with Orange blossom water.
Sheba @ Forks Boots & A Palette sent in her mouth watering Moroccan Chocolate Yogurt Cake.

Last but certainly not the least Ambika @ Ambika's Kitchen sent in these cute Moroccan Cookies called Ghriba.
Update: Curry Leaf sends in these yummy Sellou-Moroccan Sesame-Almond Dessert, that sounds super nutty and delicious.

Thanks again everyone for participating. Please let me know if I missed any entries. I apologize in advance 'cos that wasn't the plan :-)
I took a small break from veganmofo III today to post this round up. Will get back on track tomorrow.


  1. Excellent roundup Pavani..lovely array of flavourful dishes..

  2. lovely roundup... and thanks for emailing that the roundup has been posted.. that was very sweet of you :)

  3. Hi Pavani,I forgot to mail you my entry.Is it okay if I do so now?I posted it on 20 the September.I was thinking Oct4 th as the last date.Do let me know..You can find my entry at
    I am also posting another Moroccan dish Today

  4. Nice roundup, off to check links :)

  5. Lovely round up and have so many recipes to try out from here. Nice job done.

  6. I love moroccan cuisine, I will try many recipes from this round up

  7. Hearty Hearty Hearty Thanks Pavani.It was too nice of you to accept the late entries thgh it was completely my fault.Thanks for accepting and am giving the link to the second dish here - BIG THANKS again

  8. Pavani...thanks for being such a wonderful hostess...Warm Wishes. Meenakshi

  9. That was auch a lovely theme! Great round-up!

  10. Fantastic round up Pavani :) Every dish looks amazing. Can't wait to try out all of them. Thanks for being such a dear and choosing this theme :)


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