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October 26, 2009

Eating out in NYC

Yet another weekend flew by so quickly that I didn’t have time to post for veganmofo. But we had a chance to take our son in the train to New York and he had a blast. He was saying koooo- chuk-cchuk trrrraiiiiin the whole time. It was fun watching him get excited just looking at the trains.
We then went to this cute little place called “Crisp” that serves great falafel sandwiches. And what’s more it is 100% vegetarian restaurant with a good number of vegan dishes too; and their primary focus is on respect and consideration for the planet.
I had their Mediterranean falafel sandwich and my husband tried their African sandwich, both of them were excellent. Their soup of the day was Zucchini soup and it was just cooked & pureed zucchini with spices and it was way beyond my expectations (I thought it was going to be health-food blah tasting, but it was fantastic with great texture as well).
Here are some pictures of the restaurant taken with my DH’s cell phone.

Note: This is not a vegan sandwich and had parmesan cheese on top, I didn't get a chance to take the picture of the other sandwich that was actually vegan.


  1. Pavani, next time i am going to NYC surely going to stop by in this place. I do look for 100% vegetarian restaurants when going out and eat, if nothing works out stick on to fruit or veggie salad or some smoothie.

  2. Great restaurant!!
    I love the last sandwich very much!!


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