Cook's Hideout: Thai Red Curry

October 09, 2009

Thai Red Curry

Last two days have been a little hectic at work. Our department director was retiring and we were busy with the work hand-off meetings. She used to be my cubicle-mate and I'm going to miss her and her stories very much. I get emotional when I see someone else getting emotional (yes.. even in movies and my husband gets a kick out of my crying.. ahem), so I was ready to cry in her retirement party, but fortunately I didn't.

For today's dinner, I made this Thai red curry with store-bought red curry paste, tofu, broccoli & potato served over jasmine rice. Quick and easy. I just followed the instructions on the bottle, so no recipe.
Have a great weekend everybody.


  1. The color of Thai curry is just beautiful- is the store bought one is vegan paste!

  2. curry looks yummy!! I have never tried thai curry...will try now.

  3. Wow..the curry looks yumm Pavani!! will try soon..

  4. I do get emotional too when some one at work is leaving:)The curry looks excellent,Pavani!

  5. Curry looks creamy and delicious!

  6. Thai curry paste is just a lifesaver on busy days.

    I love your Vegan month series, Pavani!!

  7. Did u add ccoconut milk apart from the paste? The colour looks wonderful.


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