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June 26, 2006

10 Things I Miss of Mom’s Cooking - MEME

This is my very first meme and it is “the best” time for me to participate in this meme. Not being able to have any home made food, not even Indian food for that matter, makes this a perfect time to think of, not 10 but 100, of Mom’s dishes. Thank you very much Nav for tagging me.

The most important thing that I miss about my mom is the patience with which she used to cater to all the different needs of our family. Never did I hear her say I can’t do this. I wish I can have at least 50% of that patience.

I try to imitate my Mom’s cooking style and I keep asking her for recipes. Most of the time these dishes turn out good. I like everything my mom makes, but following is the list of my most favorite dishes.

Kanda bachali Kura: This is more like a dal (pappu) made with a classic combination of kanda and bachalikura. This dish is usually made for functions and special occasions. I have never tasted anything like hers anywhere.

Majjiga Pulusu (Kadi): This is like my Mom’s signature dish with sorakaya (Kaddu) and ground masala. The best part of this dish is the small chana dal vadas that she makes to put in the kadi.. Awesome.

Kandi Pachadi w/ Vankaya Pulusu (Toor dal chutney w/ Eggplant stew): Another classic combination and I can still smell the sautéed kandi pappu (Toor dal). Eggplant is my favorite vegetable and this is one of my all time favorite eggplant dish.

Vegetable Bath: Vegetables with rice and home made masala powder. Never had anything like this outside of my house.

Vankaya Banda Pachadi (Eggplant chutney): As told earlier, eggplant is my fav. veggie and this is another one of favorite. I used to help my mom (sometimes…;-) grind this chutney with mortar and pestle. I am planning to buy a mortar and pestle just to make this.

Karappusa (Sev): My sister likes the thicker kind (janthikalu) and I like the thinner version of the same thing. My mom used to make both to cater to our likings.

Boondhi Laddu: My mom’s boondhi laddu are so good that family and friends have asked her to make them for their special occasions. They are juicy and fresh even after 10days of making.

Thokkudu Laddu (Bandar Laddu): Another one of my favorite sweet. Can never get enough of them.

Masala Vada: Deep fried chana dal patties with spices. She makes them for festivals and also during sravana masam (Mangala Gowri and Vara Lakshmi vratam season).

Gongura pachadi/ Pandu mirapaya pachadi/ Pesara Avakaya: None of the bottled pickles taste like the fresh home made pickles. Just awesome.

I also want to mention two of my Mother-in-law’s dishes. She makes the best Gulab Jamuns (from scratch) using khova and sooji (semolina). They just melt in your mouth.

She also makes the best Jonna roti. Watching her make the rotis is fascinating. I don’t know how many years of practice it will take for me to learn the technique.


  1. Pavani!

    Great list there, kept my mouth-watering all the time I was reading your list. Hope you are having a good time in China (or did you go back already?). Look forward to see more recipes from you.


  2. Hi Pavani,
    The list you mentioned is pretty much my favs too. I didnt realise how much I liked these until I started my own cooking after marriage. Most of mom's dishes I recollected and guessed the ingredients and made my own recipes. These festivals like Vinayaka chaviti, varalaskshmi vratam etc were so special back home. made me nostalgic :)



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