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June 18, 2006

Trip to China

Next couple of weeks I am going to China on business. We (my manager and I) booked our tickets almost a month ago, but I froze my mind not to think about the impending trip. Honestly I am nervous and anxious to make this trip because of 2 things.

First one being 14 hours at a stretch plane journey from London to Shanghai. You might think that coming from India after taking 18-20 hr long flights, I have no right to complain and I should have got used to it. Truth is, after 18-20hr flight, you see your family who pampers you and you can take complete rest for at least two days. Now the thought of going to work right away, after almost 24hrs travel, itself makes me sick and squeamish.

Second big dilemma is you know what.. food. According to my husband who was in China two months ago, Chinese add sea food in almost all the dishes (I’m praying to god that he’s just kidding). I don’t like surprises on my plate (after 20minutes of explaining to the waiter about getting the ONLY vegetarian dish). I just hope they understand that vegetarian meal does not include eels, scallops and anything with toes that crawls/swims. I really really hope that I come back from China with a different opinion, may be all this is just stereo typing.

While I’m gone, I’m going to miss my husband very much and also talking to my sister on phone everyday. My husband has been training me about what to drink, how to keep passport, money, documents safe and other things for the past one month. He’ll miss my nagging and the food (hope he doesn’t end up getting take out everyday and completely forget about me).

I made myself a list of recipes from fellow bloggers that I should make as soon as I come back. (didn’t want to forget.)

1. Luv2cook's Ginger shortbread cookie bars – They look just yummy and delicious.

2. Giniann's Spinach koftas – They look like a really healthy alternate to the regular ones.

3. Nupur's Frankie – I meant to make this long time ago.. will definitely make it when I come back.

4. Lakshmi’s recreation of Gokul Chaat - Her picture itself was yummy and I could smell the chaat from Koti. Definitely will make it many many times after I come back.

5. Indira’s Spinach Basil Pasta – Looks healthy and appetizing.

6. LG's Egg puffs – One of my favorite Indian bakery favorite. Another one of “will make it many many times recipe”.

7. Santhi's Soybean fritters – Healthy snacks is a must try. Will try to shallow fry them.

8. Jadebeauty’s Buddha Delight – Hope to get something like this on the trip.

9. Sailu’s Butter Paneer Masala – Just looks mouth-wateringly good.

10. Gattina’s Nutty Potato & onion mini-burgers – Recipe looks simple and pics look too good not to make.

Will be back to blogging in 15 days.

Dsai Szen (Good bye in Chinese)...... for 2 weeks.


  1. Have a nice trip Pavani! Will wait to hear about all your adventures(culinary and otherwise..)

  2. Pavani, Sailus butter paneer masala is really good. I tried it last week. Have a safe trip and hope you have a great time

  3. Hi Pavani,

    Hope you have a great trip to China. I can very well empathisize with you about the food, but hope you have a great experience there. BTW, you have been tagged, for the 10 things you miss about your mom's cooking.

    Take care,

  4. Hi Pavani,
    my first visit here :) Immediately fall in love with your mango pudding! Your trip to China sounds very challenging, food-wise at least, hope everything turn out fine!

  5. Have a great trip. will wait for ur pix & stories from China.

  6. China!Lovely!Waiting to see a lot of pics and hear a lot from you!


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