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February 10, 2011

French Toast

This will be my post for the 2nd day of Blogging Marathon. It's been quite a while that I posted back to back and since I'll have to do this for the next 5 days, I better get used to it. Follow up on my camera, I think I might have lost the egg fried rice pics from yesterday's post, but I've quite a few photos to make up for that in this post.

Coming to the recipe, Our weekday breakfasts usually consist of toast or cereal. Which is why I try to make something interesting on the weekends, just so it feels like a weekend and not another rushed weekday. My son loves pancakes & waffles and these items feature on most of my weekend breakfast menus. Also I freeze the leftovers in individual portions for quick weekday breakfasts.

This past weekend, I decided to try something new and made French toast from America’s test kitchen. I made some changes to the recipe: I used 2% milk instead of whole milk since we don’t buy whole milk in our home. I also reduced the quantities of the ingredients as I was making only 3 serving instead of 4 as in the original recipe.

The recipe is copyrighted by Cook’s Illustrated/ America's Test Kitchen(AND I don’t want to get into trouble them for tweaking/ changing the recipe), so I’m not going to give the recipe, but will give you a partial pictorial. (So yesterday's post has no pictures, this post has no recipe--you guys must be thinking this lady is a sham. Please bear with me and come back tomorrow for a post with both, I promise there will be both even though it will be about something extremely basic and simple).

All my previous attempts left me with eggy & flavorless French toasts. This recipe makes EXCELLENT French toasts with just the right amount of sweetness and the texture is beyond belief. I’m going to be using this recipe for a very very long time.

French ToastSoaking bread in Custard (Eggs, Milk, Melted butter, brown sugar & Spices) for 20 seconds each side.

French ToastSoaking the second side.

French Toast
Cooking French Toast on Medium-low flame for 3 minutes per side or until it becomes golden-brown.

French ToastI guess these are ready to serve!!!

French ToastEnjoy warm French Toast with some maple syrup drizzled all over and berries.

French ToastTime to dig in!! Yummm..

If you want the recipe, leave a comment with your email address, I'll email it to you.

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  1. They are serious about the copyrighting this simple recipe? wow..anyway your pictorial is wonderful. Yes you seriously made up for not having pictures yesterday!..:)

  2. Looks good. If you have that on the internet, you can always link it without getting into trouble. I don't need the recipe, just an FYI.

  3. delectable french toast....looking gorgeous..

  4. Thanks Valli. Ya, they are seriously very possessive about their recipes and will not tolerate any slight tampering of it.

    Hi Champa, I thought so to. But you have to register to be a member to get the recipe. Thank you.

  5. Haha... I missed the copyright part and went back up and the hold post thinking I missed the ingredient list. Toast looks delicious!

  6. Looks so yumm. Very lovely snaps..

  7. My husband's favorite breakfast to have with molaga podi ...:)

  8. Though we don't eat eggs, the toast looks good.

  9. My sis favorite......
    Lovely clicks..
    French toast looks yummy and delicious..
    would love to know the recipe....
    Best Wishes

  10. Toast makes me drool,my all time fav..

  11. love french toast.. looks delicious.

  12. french toast yum!!...I can have that now!

  13. I have not tried .. French toast till date...Will try it after seeing from your pictures that it is a very simple one...

    A request to add me to the list of people running in the marathon. Thanks

  14. loved ur pics...i like to hv a slice

  15. I need a bite...

  16. It's ok dear we know how ur posts will be. no need the recipe we can read ur pic. so beautiful and toast looks so delicious.BTW. Realy I don't know about he copyright..interesting..:)

  17. I am curious to know how you freeze homemade pancakes ? It would be so much easier to just thaw them out, instead making a fresh batch every time.

  18. French Toast is definitely my favorite weekend brunch indulgence. I usually make this recipe (I love how the orange flavor combines with the cinnamon and vanila!).


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