Cook's Hideout: Pulihora Gongura

May 17, 2007

Pulihora Gongura

This is my 1 year Blogging Anniversary Week. On this occasion, I'm going to post two of my Mom's recipes. Pulihora Gongura and Thokkudu Laddu (Bhandar laddu).
When you are talking about Andhra cuisine, gongura pachadi and avakaya have to be mentioned. Pulihora gongura is one of the many variations in which gongura pachadi is enjoyed. I don’t have the exact measurements, but the spices can be adjusted after the pachadi is made.

Gongura leaves – 1 bunch
Tamarind – 1 big lemon ball size
Red chili powder – Use good pickle quality chili powder
Salt – to taste and also for preservation, so use slightly more than you need (check the taste first, it shouldn’t be too salty)
Mustard powder – 1tbsp

For Pulihora popu (tadka)
Chana dal – 1tbsp
Urad dal – 1tbsp
Mustard seeds – 1tsp
Red chilies – 2-3 (depending on the spiciness you need)
Curry leaves – 8-10
Hing – ½ tsp

  • Clean the gongura leaves and thoroughly dry them on a clean cloth.
  • Heat 1tbsp oil in a pan, sauté the leaves on low heat for about 10 minutes. Remove from heat and allow to cool. I
  • n the mean time soak the tamarind in ¼ cup water and bring to a boil and simmer for 5 minutes. Remove and cool.
  • After the leaves and tamarind are cool enough to handle, grind along with salt, mustard powder and chili powder to a smooth paste.
  • Heat ¼ cup oil (looks like a lot, but this pachadi needs oil to stay fresh longer), add popu ingredients and after the seeds splutter, remove and cool. Add the gongura paste and mix well. Adjust seasoning and enjoy with hot rice and ghee.

I'm sending this to Latha (@Masala Magic) for RCI-Andhra blog event.


  1. congratulations on your blog anniversary, pavani.

  2. Congrats Pavani on completing 1 year. Lovely dishes

  3. Hey pavani ...Congrats Lady.Keep Going ....Good One

  4. Congrats Pavani!!!

    Wish I could get some Gongura here. They are one of my favourite greens. Shall bookmark your recipe. One day.. one day.. :)


  5. Congrats on your blogger Aniversary pavani!

  6. congratulations!!! the dish is so yummy,gongura ante nootlo neellu oorutunnayi....

  7. Yay!!! happy anniversary!!
    never tried gongura pulihora :-(

  8. I love Pulihora but never cooked with Gongura though.Looks delicious rp:))

  9. Oops!Forgot to wish you!!!
    Happy anniversary and happy blogging:)

  10. Congratulations on one year! Looking forward to the next year of discovering Indian food recipes.

  11. Hey Pavani,congrats on your 1st year!gongura pachchadi!the name itself is making me drool all over:)My mother and MIL also make this regularly but they don't add tamarind to MIL says that tamarind is added to increase the shelf life of the pachchadi..I think that method of making is also a bit different..not sure though:)Great choice for RCI.

  12. Congratulations on your blog anniversary, Pavani! Wishing you many happy years of blogging :) Great idea to celebrate it with some favorite recipes.

  13. hey where did you get gongura from. Is it in Edison? pls do let me know so that I can also do something for RCI. lovely recipes of gongura. BTW my congrats on your one year anniversary. Loved the vankaya recipe too. really mouthwatering.

  14. Congrats Pavani and I love this pachadi , we dont get gongura here:(

  15. congrats on ur blog anniv!

  16. hey may i know whether to use white gongura or red gongura?

  17. Hi Preethi, You can use both types in this recipe.

  18. Hi pavani , Today i did pulihora gongura with white sorrel leaves. I add enough oil just as we add for a pickle . Now my doubt is For how many days this will be good ? and where to store it ,i mean whether to store it in freeze or in a dry place?

  19. Hi Preethi, Pachadi will stay fresh in the fridge for upto a month. Hope you liked it.


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