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June 10, 2006

Undrallu & Allam Pachadi

Undrallu, savory ones, are made as naivedyam (offering to god) for Lord Vinayaka especially on Ganesh Chathurthi day. Sweet undrallu are also made and you can find Indira's delicious sweet undrallu here. But in our house, we make undrallu not only as an offering, but also as a quick snack and dinner item.
Couple of years ago, for Vinayaka chavithi, I was looking for a recipe for Undrallu.. I googled for hours and couldnt find one for savory undrallu. Then I got this authentic, tested and tried recipe from... duh.. should have asked her in the first place.. my mom.. The main principle is to make upma (porridge) with rice rawa, make them into balls and then steam them. It is quite simple and low fat (You can make them no fat too).
Rice Rawa (Biyyapu rawa) - 1/2 cup
Jeera - 1 tsp
Chana dal (Senaga pappu) - 1 tbsp
Salt - to taste

  • Soak chana dal in water for atleast 10minutes.
  • Heat about 1tsp of oil in a saucepan and add jeera.
  • Add 1 cup of water (1: 2; Rawa: water ratio) to the pan and bring to a boil.
  • After the water starts boiling add salt, soaked chana dal and slowly add rawa. Stir continuously to make sure that there are no lumps.
  • Cook until the mixture comes together and looks like upma. Consistency should be neither too wet (if this is the case cook a little longer) nor too dry(add little water).
  • Let this mixture cool till it is easy to handle.
  • Make lemon size balls of the mixture and steam them for about 10-12 minutes in a pressure cooker.
  • Serve hot with any chutney. We had our undrallu with ginger chutney (allam pachadi).
Allam Pachadi (Ginger Chutney)
Ginger - 3"piece chopped into small pieces
Jaggery - 1/4cup
Tamarind - small lemon size ball
Salt - to taste

Red chilies - 3
Chana dal (senaga pappu)- 1tbsp
Urad dal (minapappu)- 1tbsp
Jeera - 1tbsp

  • Heat 1tbsp oil in a pan, add the seasoning and fry till the dals turn golden brown.
  • Turn the heat off and add ginger, tamarind and jaggery.
  • After the mixture cools completely, grind into a smooth paste adding little water and salt.
Allam pachadi is delicious with the sweetness from jaggery, tanginess from tamarind and special zing from ginger. It also goes well with idlis and dosas.


  1. Hi First time in ur blog.... andhra treats ha ?? I am part telugu - my better half is telugu so ;)

    we have the same recipe done in tamil nadu, called uppurundai... I am sure allam pachadi will be a great combo...

    Must try one of these days...

  2. Hi Revathi,
    I didnt know that Undrallu are made in Tamil nadu too. Thats good to know.
    Thanks for visiting.


  3. Hi Pavani,
    I was googling for undrallu recipes and bumped into ur blog.
    Great recipe...with Vinyaka Chavithi a month away, i am all geared up with my planning :)
    Can u tell me what is biyyam ravwa called in english? I have never seen it in Indian stores....and am curious to find out if its the same as idli rawa or if u made the rawa at home. If so, then how?
    Sorry about the no. of so lost and really need help. Your blog did seem like light at the end of the looong looong tunnel.
    Thanks in advance

  4. Hi Mithya,
    I had the same experience looking for Undrallu recipe couple of years ago. I'm very glad that this recipe is helpful to you.
    Regarding Biyyam rawa, you can buy Rice rawa in Indian groceries or make it urself at home. (My Mom sent me a bag full of home made rawa). Just grind rice in a grinder until it feels like corn meal, dont make it too smooth. Make sure that you grind small quantities to get consistent rawa.
    Hope this helps you with the rawa situation.
    Wish you and ur family a very happy Vinayaka chavithi (well in advance).

  5. hi Pavani,
    I am looking for undrallu recipe online and yours is the only one that is close to the classic recipe, I think. Thanks for sharing it with us. The link you provided - Indira's undrallu recipe, I thought those are burelu and they are different from undrallu and they are not like the undrallu we see in the pictures of Lord Vinayaka. Thanks once again.


  6. Hi Pavani,

    I am looking for undrallu recipe online and found ur blog.
    Thanks for sharing it.
    Wish you a happy Vinayaka Chavithi.


  7. Hi Manohar,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. Wish you a very happy vinayaka chavithi.


  8. Thanks for the recipe; found it just in time for Vinayanka chavithi tomorrow


  9. Thank you so much Pavani, I

  10. Thank u sooo much Pavani for this receipe. I was wondering where to get Biyyam ravva, but there it wass.. just grind ricee.. :). I just finished making them and guess whatt After the puja, they are all gone. EVERYBODYY LOVED THEM. We ate them with Avakai pachhadi. THANKS ONCE AGAIN FOR SHARING THE RECEIPE.

  11. Hi Deepthi,
    I am so glad that they turned out good. Wish you and your family a very Happy Ganesh chathurthi.

  12. Hi Pavani,

    Thank you so much for teh resipe..This is how exactly my mom makes..I kinda forgot it so googled and viola!! ur recipe came up thnks so much for sharing ...btw do u know how to make jilledikayalu?

  13. Hi Pavani

    Thanks for sharing the recipe.. I did the same as you said asked my mom and made a quick note of it this morning and then I saw ur blog which was exactly what my mom told me.:)

    Hi Mithya,
    I know its a little late but in future to avoid grinding rice and stuff you can but it from the Indian stores..Its called "Cream of Rice"- (My sis told me yesterday as I didnt know what to buy too ..)


  14. Thanks for an authentic recipe. The popular ones were calling something else Undrallu! :)

  15. HiPavani..thanks Pavani. Helping us authentic dish ...we have cooked undrallu for lord ganesha. may he bless you.

  16. Hi Pavani,
    A very nice recipe for undrallu and allam pachadi. Thank u. I have a doubt regarding biyyam ravva. Shoudl we soak the biyyam first and then grind or it is the dry pls do let me know

  17. Hi Anonymous,
    Just grind rice in a grinder until it feels like corn meal, dont make it too smooth. Make sure that you grind small quantities to get consistent rawa. Do try the recipe and let me know if you liked it.

  18. Hi Pavani,
    Nice recipe for undrallu....this helps many beginners....especially like me...:).....i have seen your recipe for rice rawa....i have one question.....before grinding we have to soak rice for couple of minutes?....aprreciate your help..

  19. Thanks for your kind words Sindhu.. It is not necessary to soak the rice. Do try and let me know how it turned out. Pavani

  20. Hi Pavani,

    Looking at your recipe feels like making undrallu is pretty easy. Never had to worry about mking them all these years.. :) Hope it turns out well.. Wish you a happy Vinayaka Chavithi!


  21. hi pavani. thanks for sharing this recipie. God bless you.

  22. The pictures look very nice, but I wish you had left at least one old picture so that I could see the difference :D

    I like the pachadi click.


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