Cook's Hideout: Limeade with Brown Cane Sugar (Agua de Papelon)

November 12, 2014

Limeade with Brown Cane Sugar (Agua de Papelon)

Blogging Marathon# 46: Week 2/ Day 3
Theme: Lemon/ Lime Recipes
Dish: Agua de Papelon (Limeade with Panela/ Jaggery)
For the final day of 'Lemon/ Lime recipes', I was thinking of making something sweet. But I'm not a big fan of lemon flavored desserts -- I prefer vanilla or chocolate flavors. As I was looking through 'Viva Vegan' cookbook, I found the recipe for a Limeade with Panela or South American unprocessed cane sugar.
Limeade with Mexican Brown Sugar (Agua de Papelon)
I bought a slab of panela a while back but totally forgot about it until I found this recipe. Papelon or Panela (as it's called in Venezuela and Colombia) is produced by cooking the juice of freshly squeezed sugar cane down to a solid, crystallized mass. I wasn't sure how it would taste because it was really dark in color, I thought it will have a molasses-ish taste but I was pleasantly surprised that it tasted just like jaggery (our own unprocessed cane sugar from India).

Panela (Brown Sugar Cane)

Limeade with Brown Cane Sugar (Agua de Papelon)
This limeade is an old-fashioned pick-me-up beverage in Colombia & Venezuela, valued for being chock-full of minerals from the unprocessed sugar. The traditional emthod for making this limeade is even couldn't be easier -- just simply soak the panela in water overnight until it dissolves. But to speed things up, a sugar syrup is made by boiled sugar & water in the recipe below.
Limeade with Brown Cane Sugar (Agua de Papelon)
Panela (aka papelon or pilancillo) or Jaggery - ¼lb., grated or chopped into ½" pieces)
Water - ½cup
Freshly squeezed Lime juice - ¼cup

To Serve & for garnish:
Cold Water - 1½cups
Thin slices of Lime
Mint leaves

  • Make the Limeade Concentrate: In a saucepan, combine the panela & cover with water. Bring the mixture to a boil over medium heat. Reduce and stir occasionally and cook till panela has melted. Then remove from heat and let cool.
  • Stir in the lime juice. The concentrate can be used right away or can be refrigerated in a covered container in the refrigerator. 
  • To serve: Pour the concentrate in a pitcher and add cold water, stir well, and pour into chilled glasses filled with ice cubes. Garnish with lime slices or mint. 
Limeade with Brown Cane Sugar (Agua de Papelon)
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  1. the limeade looks so refreshing and how that taste that brown cane sugar with lemon?.

  2. I tried this limeade for International cooking marathon,very refreshing drink there.

  3. Very refreshing, must make a great drink for summer.

  4. This is so refreshing and your pictures are stunning Pavani! I just bought a bag of panela the other day...when the weather warms a little bit, I will try this!

  5. An excellent summer refreshing drink.

  6. Wow that really an interesting limeade , very healthy take :) looks so refreshing !!

  7. Very refreshing and capturing clicks.

  8. Pavani, you surely know how to blow us away! your pictures got it so nicely done and captured!..enjoyed all your lemon treats..

  9. Very interesting and refreshing drink.

  10. Lovely pictures. I would love to lay my hands on the SA jaggery slab! I made Limeade with turbinado sugar and my kids refused to accept it as their traditional lemonade and so had to sneak the concentrate in other things and finish it off!

  11. This looks so refreshing and healthy too..Colourful pics!!

  12. in the caribbean we also make with brown sugar so I am sure this tasgted wonderful and yes jaggery and panela is the same. I love this on hot summer days

  13. Stunning clicks!!!Looks so refreshing!


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