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April 07, 2015

Nutella Swirl Bread

BM# 51 -- Baking Marathon: Day 6
Bake of the Day: Breads -- Hazelnut Spread Swirl Bread
This bread is very simple to make, but I messed it up 2 times before I got it almost right, the third time. This is probably the only bread that I made 3 times without giving up. I knew exactly what mistakes I made and wanted to make it right at the end.
Nutella Swirl Bread
OK, so here's the story behind this bread: This Nutella swirl bread recipe is from Costco connection cookbook and the photo looked absolutely amazing and I wanted to make it for my chocolate loving son. The recipe is quite simple, dough with flour-yeast-sugar, 1 rise, then roll and spread Nutella, re-roll, cut and bake.

Attempt 1: Recipe says -- brush water on the top and sprinkle with sugar. I got very smart and brushed milk on top and baked it for as long as the recipe suggested.
Result: Bread looks almost burnt and turns into a big crispy cookie.
Lesson learnt: Brush with water ONLY and bake for less time.
Attempt 1: Cookie like Bread
Attempt 2: Recipe CLEARLY says -- Hazelnut spread (aka Nutella) swirl bread. I got toooooo intelligent and used a chocolate spread with candy in it. Baked it for less time though.
Result: You can see for yourself.
Lesson learnt: DON'T mess with THE Nutella.
Attempt 2: Chocolate Flooding bread
Attempt 3: Followed the recipe and made adjustments according to my learnings. Result is almost what I was expecting.
Despite all of the failed attempts, none of the breads were wasted. Infact the first cookie-ish bread was actually loved by everyone. As for the second attempt, I simply scraped off the oozed out chocolate and that was finished in no time. The last one was a quick sale too :-)
Nutella Swirl Bread
All in all, if you are a Nutella fanatic, then this is the bread for you. The dough itself is not too sweet, sweetness comes from the sugar sprinkled on top and the nutella spread. It's great for breakfast with some fruit and milk.

Ingredients: Makes 12 small buns
All purpose flour - 1cup
Wholewheat Flour - ½cup
Instant Yeast - 1¼tsp
Sugar - 2tbsp, divided
Salt - ⅛tsp
Warm Water - ⅓~½cup
Nutella - ½cup

  • Combine all the ingredients in a mixing bowl or the bowl of a stand mixer. Mix and knead until a smooth, soft dough forms. Cover and set aside for 1 hour or until doubled in volume.
  • In the meantime, preheat to 375°F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  • Gently deflate the dough and on a lightly floured surface, roll it out into a 10"x12" rectangle.
  • Spread Nutella evenly on the dough leaving a 1" edge on all sides. Roll the dough into a tight roll and bring both the ends together. Lightly brush water on the ends and pinch them together.
  • Transfer it onto the baking sheet. Using a sharp knife, score the dough into 12 equal pieces. Gently spread the pieces a little bit. 
  • Brush the top with water and sprinkle the remaining 1tbsp of sugar.
  • Bake for 25~30 minutes, or until the top is golden. Remove onto a wire rack and let cool completely before digging in.


  1. Ohh these swirls look soo inviting! I could have the whole bunch with my evening tea. They will pair amazingly with dollop of cream.

  2. I was thinking on the same lines with another spread for one of my later posts. Seems like I have to plan carefully. :) If you did not tell about the first attempt failure, I guess no one would have even noticed from the pictures. The bread must have tasted amazing with Nutella filling.

  3. We learn from our mistakes...

    Beautiful bake and I am also loving ur second attempt with chocolate oozing out.


  4. That's a lovely bread pavani and ur persevarance paid off, and how !! I have 2 jars of Nutella that I bought on a whim. This looks like a good way to use them up ! Bookmarking !!

  5. As long as the bread didn't go waste, it was worth trying. I try a recipe more than once if I know I can make it better or know what might have gone wrong. I love the right picture in the diptych, the blue background. All the pictures are amazing and so is the swirl bread.

  6. Ha ga, do not mess with nutella! ! Definitely! ! The bread looks amazing pavani! Love the way you have plated them!! Beautiful! !

  7. Pavani, u have said brush with water and sprinkle water agsin, whereas it should sugar i believe! Please check and delete this comment!

  8. My god, this bread is torturing me.. Am trying to keep myself away from Nutella and you are tempting me:(..

  9. Good that you did not let go and kept trying. I am sure it was worth the effort. I have never tasted nutella before and I have every plans of trying something with nutella during this marathon. Love the swirls :)

  10. That is the good thing about chocolate. It tastes great even when it does not look as expected. Enjoyed your post and your various attempts.

  11. I would never have thought brushing with milk would make such a difference! But still I admire youfor trying until you got it right. Many a times I feel its the simplest recipe that has us on our knees. I learnt my lesson when I tried my hand at making chikkis (2 ingredients and messed it up a 100 times!!).

  12. Terrific! Hats off to your patience, I might have given up. The motto try try and you will succeed, rt? Fantastic swirls with nutella , just my kind of bread .

  13. Lovely swirl bread. Love the pattern

  14. Hats off to your patience..swirl has come out perfect and nutella makes it more would love it for sure...

  15. I made a braided bread with nutella and absolutely loved it! Loved your perseverance!!

  16. What a luscious chocolatey Roll this is! Wow, the pics are too beautifully presented. Perrrrrfect!!

  17. Wow a beautifully braided bead, so yummy and chocolatey.

  18. So wonderful that you finally got it right...and as others say, I won't have known those were not up to the expectation..:)..your final bread looks awesome.

  19. hats off..i would have given up but then u r right nothign gets wasted, beautiful outcome in the end that matters

  20. Lovely swirl and I cant believe how the turned out so perfectly!! And you proved trial and error makes the things perfect!!

  21. Love the swirls. Looks so so good

  22. All the three attempts look so delicious. I think I kind of loved your first try. It has that deep brown colour which looks so nice....

  23. Pavani 3 times? I do not think I will do that many time. Cannot manage the recipe goes out...But I loved all your 3 attempts.


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