Cook's Hideout: Eggless Vanilla Cake with Condensed Milk

April 23, 2015

Eggless Vanilla Cake with Condensed Milk

BM# 51 -- Baking Marathon: Day 20
Bake of the Day: Celebration Cakes -- Eggless Vanilla Cake with Condensed Milk
As I was organizing the recipes to post for this week, I was surprised to see that I was missing my daughter's birthday cake. Then I realized that I made an extremely small (6") cake and it was all gone by the end of the night. I only had one good picture of the cake. So I made it again recently.
Eggless Vanilla Cake with Condensed Milk
It is a very basic eggless vanilla cake with condensed milk. Using cake flour makes the cake soft and gives it a great texture. It is not a very moist cake, but is not totally dry either.
Eggless Vanilla Cake with Condensed Milk

Eggless Vanilla Cake with Condensed Milk
It is a versatile recipe that can be customized with just about any add-ins. I added crushed oreos when I made it for my daughter's birthday and then added some chocolate chips the second time. It can be dressed up with frosting or kept simple with chocolate ganache. Simple, simple treat for big or small celebrations.

Eggless Vanilla Cake with Condensed Milk
Recipe Adapted from here.
Ingredients: Makes a 8" round cake.
Cake Flour - 1¼cups (Or use 1 cup All purpose flour & ¼cup corn starch)
Baking Powder - 1tsp
Baking Soda - ½tsp 
Salt - a pinch
Unsalted Butter - ½cup melted and cooled (or use ½cup vegetable/ canola oil)
Sweetened Condensed Milk - ½cup+2tbsp
Soy milk - ½cup (you can use regular dairy milk or even water)
Apple Cider Vinegar - 2tsp
Pure Vanilla Extract - 2tsp
Chocolate Chips or Crushed Oreo cookies - ½cup (optional)

  • Preheat oven to 350°F. Grease a 8" round cake pan that is at least 2" deep, line with parchment, grease again and dust with flour.
  • Combine soy milk and apple cider vinegar in a measuring jar. Set aside for 5~10 minutes to curdle.
  • In a mixing bowl, sift cake flour, baking powder, baking soda and salt.
  • To the soy milk mixture, add the melted and cooled butter, condensed milk and vanilla. Mix well to combine.
  • Slowly pour in the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and mix until well combined. 
  • Stir in the chocolate chips or the crushed oreos into the batter, if desired.
  • Pour the batter into the prepared baking pan and bake for 22~25 minutes or until a cake tester inserted into the middle of the cake comes out clean. 
  • Let the cake cool in the pan for 5 minutes before turning it over onto a wire rack to cool completely. Once completely cooled, then frost of ice the cake as desired.
  • I poured chocolate ganache icing on top of the cake and then topped it with some sprinkles.
Eggless Vanilla Cake with Condensed Milk
Chocolate Ganache Frosting using Half-n-Half:
Half-n-Half - ¼cup (you can also use 2tbsp whole milk & 2tbsp cream)
Dark Chocolate - ½cup, coarsely chopped
Vanilla extract - ¼tsp

  • Heat half-n-half until bubbles start to form around the edges. Pour it over the chocolate placed in a small bowl and set aside for 1~2 minutes. Add the vanilla extract and whisk until the chocolate is melted and the mixture is smooth.
  • Set aside for a few minutes to cool slightly, then pour over the cake. The ganache will thicken and harden as it cools.


  1. Love the first picture Pavani..your daughter looks so cute!..and the cake is such a great recipe right!

  2. the expression in the kid's face says it all - she is so impressed at the cake..

    It is wow!!! delicious cake..

  3. Both the cakes beautifully decorated. I made an egg less cake with condensed milk only once and that to in a pressure cook. Have to try it in the own next time. Your cake has a nice texture.. Disha baby is so adorable!

  4. Love the background in the first picture. I really like how you decorated the second cake with ganache and sprinklers. Simple yet so festive!

  5. aww loved the first pic....beautiful , i like condensed milk based sponge cakes more than the curd ones...

  6. Disha is Jr.Pavani. :) I prefer these kind of cakes with simple dressing.

  7. Belated birthday wishes to your daughter pavani! Looks like she loved her cake :-)

  8. Pavani, Disha looks super impressed with your cake!! Adorable cutie pie..Stunning cakes!!

  9. super like the first pic - ur daughter is the cutest part of that pic. next comes the banner and the cake :-)) simplicity always wins :-)) will give it a shot for a forthcoming bday celebration :)

  10. How expressive her eyes are, cutie pie.. Belated birthday wishes to ur lil doll.. Simple frosting but very catchy cake.

  11. Beautifully frosted cake, nice pics too.

  12. simplly superb. Belated birthday wishes

  13. Your daughter looks so cute and adorable..cake looks so moist and the frosting with chocolate ganache makes it even more rich and delicious..

  14. Disha looks so cute, Pavani. Hugs to her. Lovely cake.

  15. Happy Birthday to little Disha, a big hug for her.
    The cakes look great ans very wwll made. They are actually very tempting.

  16. Your daughter looks adorable. And the cake looks super inviting...


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