Cook's Hideout: Turkey -- Turkish Vegetarian Meal (Recipes)

September 23, 2014

Turkey -- Turkish Vegetarian Meal (Recipes)

BM# 44: A-Z Cooking Series -- Around the World in 30 days
Country: T for Turkey
Dishes: Bulgur Pilaf, Stuffed Grape Leaves, Zucchini Fritters & Knafeh
We are going to Turkey today. One of my girl friend is from Turkey and after tasting their food many times, I knew I have to try those recipes for the BM. I even bothered her on vacation and asked her to suggest some Turkish dishes that I could try. Sweet heart that she is, she sent me links to recipes that I could try. So thanks to my dear friend, I have a yummy and filling Turkish meal today.
The first time I ever had Turkish meal was at a Turkish restaurant where one of my ex-colleagues had her daughter's first birthday party. I don't really remember what we ate that day, but I clearly remember enjoying everything that was served to us.
Here's a glimpse of Turkish brunch that we had at a Turkish restaurant for my birthday this year. We had Simit (famous Turkish bread) sandwich with French fries and in the second picture is the typical breakfast dishes like cheese, jelly, egg, olives etc that are eaten in Turkey.

After that I was lucky enough to enjoy home cooked dishes made by my lovely Turkish friend and her mom. Their dishes are simple but they are exotically flavored with rose water or orange blossom water like in this Baklava. Mint and parsley are used extensively making the dishes taste fresh and delicious.
Turkey -- Turkish Vegetarian Meal (Recipes)
For today's Turkish meal, I made:
This was a very very filling meal and I skipped dinner after having these for lunch. All the savory dishes are packed with veggies, so you feel less guilty eating the dessert :-)



  1. What a wonderful feast you got there Pavani..I enjoyed your other meal pictures as well!

  2. Wow,lucky you, i have Moroccan friends like this, we often plan get together just to enjoy both Morocca and Indian dishes. Omg, ur vegetarian meal rocks Pavani,i always want to make stuffed grape leaves which is quite hard to find here.. Sarma, Knafeh and mucuver looks simply out of the world.

  3. That simit sandwich looks good and was trying to figure out what that was before reading the post. You have put together a nice meal and knafeh is a nice way to finish off the meal. I made knafeh for HBC back in June we loved.

  4. Awesome meal! You put in a lot of effort. Lovely presentation. Really enjoyed reading through all the recipe posts.

  5. omg knafeh is in my to do list and you have pinched my to try them soon .. very very tempting and colorful meal there :) you veg meal rocks seriously great efforts taken :)

  6. Very tempting and colorful meal! My eyes were glued onto the Knafeh :)

  7. the complete meal is a delight to cook as well eat..all the dished look great.

  8. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm! They are just yum.

  9. Turkish food is very flavorful. I once did a Turkish themed dinner and did lots of research then. Their abundant use of herbs makes everything very good

  10. All dishes looks so delicious. You did so much efforts for this country and results are fabulous.


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