Cook's Hideout: Vegetarian Tacos with Pinto Beans & Cheese

May 05, 2013

Vegetarian Tacos with Pinto Beans & Cheese

Blogging Marathon# 28: Week 1/ Day 3
Theme: Kid's Delight - 5 Ingredient Fix
Dish: Vegetarian Tacos with Pinto Beans & Cheese

Today's dish for Kid's Delight - 5 ingredient fix is my son's latest favorite. My 5 year old is slowly getting better at trying ingredients and dishes these days (knock on wood). I was surprised when he wanted me to order 'tacos' at Chipotle and surprised me even more when he liked them a LOT. He especially loved the corn salsa they put on his tacos and now he says that corn is his favorite veggie (not sure how long that will last). Anyway, right now I'm a happy camper because at least he's willing to try something new instead of just saying 'no' for everything.
Vegetarian Tacos with Pinto Beans & Cheese
I wanted to make tacos for him at home and what better day than today, 'Cinco de Mayo' (5th of May) to post them here for Valli's Kid's Delight event being hosted by me this month. 
Again this is a formula rather than a recipe and most of what I used are canned or jarred or pre-made for convenience. It takes no time to make tacos if you have all the components ready. Also they are very flexible and can be customized as per individual likes and dislikes. They can be healthy and very filling.
Vegetarian Tacos with Pinto Beans & Cheese
Taco Shells - Soft flour tortillas or Corn tortillas or Hard Corn Taco shells
Beans - Pinto beans, black beans, Red kidney beans, refried beans 
Salsa - Hot, medium or mild (I used corn-tomato relish)
Grated Cheese - Monterey Jack, Pepper Jack, Cheddar etc.
Lettuce - Romaine, Iceberg etc., chopped into thin strips

  • If using soft flour tortilla, then char it right over the stove. If using corn tortillas, then microwave it for few seconds.
  • Pile up all the toppings on the tortillas and enjoy!!
Vegetarian Tacos with Pinto Beans & Cheese
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  1. We use hard taco shells and is almost a weekly thing ..My older one loves it!!

  2. They look very cute! I am sure you son enjoyed eating them

  3. Oh that's really so nice to know kids hardly ever want to try anything new..Maybe I must have them hear me read this..:)..tacos look so healthy..

  4. Kid friendly. My daughter loves these. Anything with cheese and raw vegetables are a hit with her.

  5. Am yet to try Tacos at home. My lil one has never had them till now. So I better book mark this one :).Beautiful clicks[I think I say this most of the time!]

  6. tacos are always a fave - as popular as pizza!

  7. Wow one of my fav cuisine...tacos look great

  8. I must make tacos sooner They look so delicious and healthy.

  9. Appealing tacos..My fav too.


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