Cook's Hideout: Carrot Ravva Laddu

May 13, 2013

Carrot Ravva Laddu

Recipe Courtesy: My dear friend Yagna Jyothy

I reached out to my cousins and friends to contribute to Valli's Kid's Delight: 5 Ingredient fix event that I'm hosting here this month. I'm so happy that they took time from their busy schedules to make some of their kids favorite dishes and send them over to the event. 
First recipe comes from my friend Jyothy, who lives in Portland, Oregon and has a most lovable little daughter, Raaga. Though I haven't seen Jyothy in over 12 years, I've been in virtual contact with her on Facebook. Thanks to the world wide web and to Facebook for connecting people together and making the world much smaller (virtually). Here's the recipe for Ravva Laddoo from Jyothy that she made healthier with the addition of grated carrot. She says these are Raaga's favorite and she enjoys them for breakfast and dinner.
Carrot Ravva Laddoo

Suji- 2cups
Dry grated coconut- 1/2 cup
Grated fresh carrots- 2 cups
Cashew nuts- 1/3 cup
Cardamom- 4 pods, crushed and powdered
Sugar- 1 cup (add 1/2 cup more if very sweet laddus are preferred)
Butter- 1/2 stick

  • Heat butter in a pan and individually roast the first four ingredients until lightly brown. Collect them all into a wide mixing bowl. 
  • Add sugar and cardamom (powdered). Make golf ball sized laddus wetting the mixture with a bit of milk as needed. The wetness from the grated carrots should generally be sufficient to bind the laddus.
Jyothy was kind enough to send 2 more kid friendly recipes which I will be posting next. 


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