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September 06, 2009

Quick Weekday Breakfast: Swiss Oats

I don't like making elaborate breakfasts on a weekday morning. The maximum I can do is toast some bread and make peanut butter & jelly sandwich or a nutella sandwich (which is my absolute favorite). So 90% of the time, our breakfast consists of bread in some form or the other. On the other 10%, I take a small bottle of soymilk with me to work to have it with cereal (I have a ziplock bag with cereal always at work for breakfast or snack time).
When I saw this recipe on Zonya Health Bite on PBS, I wanted to make it right away, its so easy that there is zero cooking or microwaving time. The effort you put into it is EATING it. I'm going to make it sound a little bit more complicated than it really is, just so I can feel better posting this r.e.c.i.p.e. :-D (Its like filling some extra pages in your exams, so your teacher thinks you have answered the question right!!!!!!)

Ingredients (1 Serving):
Old Fashioned Oats - 1/2 cup
Soy milk (any milk would work just fine) - 2/3 cup
Honey or Maple sugar - to taste
Ground Cinnamon - pinch
Dried fruit/ Nuts
  • Night Before: Mix oats and all the other ingredients in a small bowl. I mix them in the same container I'm going to take to work (less clean up). Cover and refrigerate.
  • In the Morning: All you do is take the oats out of the fridge, add fresh fruits (berries or bananas) in summer or dried fruits and nuts in winter. Mix well and take to work. By the time you are ready to eat, oats are cold but not tooth-aching so and the fruit release their sweet juices and its almost like having a dessert for breakfast.
  • All this should technically take less than 10 minutes total, 5 minutes each at night and in the morning, but the end result is soooo yummm..
Soaking the oats overnight makes them soft and delicious almost similar to cooked oats but without the gloppiness and of course the cooking time. Do try these uncooked oats recipe, I'm sure you'll fall in love with them.

PS: I have updated the A.W.E.D: Morocco announcement with the logo. Please check it out and don't forget to send your entries by Oct 2nd.


  1. Looks yum! I also hate to do much during weekday mornings. I still haven't tried Nutella... Do you make it like peanut butter & jelly with Nutella & jelly? I really need to buy a jar!

  2. Hi Meeso, Nutella is actually a chocolate-hazelnut spread, there is no need for jelly with this. Its yummy.. you should try it.

  3. Pavani that is a real, easy and yummy breakfast. Never tried eating Oats this way. Regarding your question on Organic Cheese - i buy them in Stop & Shop. You can find them in all the food stores A & P, Shoprite or Wegmans, check near the Organic Milk Aisle, you should be able to find them.

  4. looks yummm.. a healthy one.

  5. Looks Yumm & Delicious.. Very tempting click.. Thanks for the healthy breakfast recipe. :)

  6. Oats are big no for me, i would love that fruits .

  7. Such a gorgeous swiss oats, simply collect ur awards from my blog..

  8. i love this berries..especially taste awesome!

  9. Sounds good....should try this sometime..I usually have the Alpen Oats.

  10. Pavana, this recipe comes as a treat for me..I am having oats kanji(kind of porridge) for breakfast..I shall try your recipe soon..It looks so tempting..

  11. Wow, I love this recipe, Pavani, and the fact that it's so easy to make. Wouldn't have thought of not cooking oats, but I guess it makes perfect sense that they'd soften up if you let them soak overnight. Sounds delicious.

  12. Bowl looks super delicious!BTW,that is a fantastic logo, Pavani!

  13. I am the only one one to eat oats !love the fresh berries add up!

  14. My first visit. I loved what I found here. Great collection of recipes.

    Oatmeal or cornflakes with fresh fruits is the easiest and healthiest breakfast you can make in minutes. That too in a weekday.

  15. For healthy breakfast oats and corn flakes are alway good. Fruits add the morning freshness.

  16. Does this mean you soak the oats with the soy milk overnite? I know that I hate soggy cereal, so won't these oats be soggy? Or maybe it's different and I just have to give it a go...


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