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August 28, 2009

A.W.E.D-Morocco Announcement

Let me first thank DK for the opportunity to host A.W.E.D event. For the uninformed, A Worldly Epicurean Delight (A.W.E.D) is an event started by DK @ Chef In You where in every month a new Cuisine is chosen and all of us get a chance to cook and showcase the different recipes from that cuisine. After going around the world, this month’s A.W.E.D makes a stop in Morocco or North Africa.

Moroccan cuisine is redolent of exotic spices like saffron, ginger, cinnamon and vivid with the sun-drenched colors of a cornucopia of fresh fruits and vegetables available throughout the year, thanks to the region's mild Mediterranean climate. It is also a cuisine based on ancient traditions that have been handed down through generations of home cooks.
Mediterranean cuisine, including Moroccan cuisine is generating intense interest among culinary professions, due in part to the increased awareness of the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet. Current research has shown that the people of the Mediterranean have one of the lowest incidences of heart disease in the world, leading nutritional experts extol the virtues of a cuisine rich in fresh produce legumes, cereals, pasta and olive oil-all staples of the Moroccan diet.

With all that information, I hope I've inspired enough to cook a Moroccan dish for A.W.E.D-September and send them to me by October 2nd. Here are the rules:
  • Cook a Vegetarian dish, Eggs & Dairy are allowed.
  • Include a link in your post to this announcement and to DK's A.W.E.D Menu page (
  • If you have recipes that are already posted, re-post and include a link to this announcement and DK's menu page.
  • Use of Logo is optional, but much appreciated if used. (See the link bar for smaller logo)
  • Email me at with the following information.
  1. Name
  2. Blog Name
  3. Entry Name
  4. Course Name: Is it an Appetizer, Main course, Dessert, Salad etc
  5. Entry URL
  6. Picture of your creation: Pls resize, so the width of the pic is at least 580px, height doesn't matter.

Here are some very useful sites to help you find Moroccan recipes:
Moroccan Vegetarian Recipes
Vegan Sub Saharan African Recipes
Vegetarian African Recipes
Moroccan Cuisine
Moroccan Recipes

This month's A.W.E.D-German is being hosted by lovely Lakshmi @ Kitchen Chronicles. You still have 5 more days to send in your German dishes over to her.



  1. Interesting event, will try to participate. Happy hosting.

  2. Thats a fabulous theme, will definitely send my entries..

  3. The best vegetarian meal I had in morocco was made in a tent, by a camel man in the middle of the sahara dessert!

  4. Love Morocco food, good choice, try to send u my entry.

  5. I am huge fan of Moroccon cuisine Pavani. :) a very nice theme!


  6. Nice creative blog!! This is my first time here!!! I have no idea about Moroccan cuisine except for the stuff I sometimes watch on TV!!
    I will try to participate!!

  7. Hi Sadhana & Muskaan, Priya-- I hope you guys participate in the event. I'm waiting for the entries from you. :-D

    Hi Sala, I hope you can recreate the same meal for all of us.

    Hi Cham, Welcome back and hope to receive your Moroccan entry.

    Thank you Siri.

    Thank you BDSN. Pls use the sites for recipe inspiration and pls do send in your entry.

  8. Will definitely try to participate,Pavani. Happy hosting!

  9. Intresting event ..will try to participate...Happy Hosting..

  10. I once had a failed attempt in baking a moroccon holiday bread..I have got any oppurtunity to revisit that bread.:-)

  11. Beautiful logo :)

    Lemme put my Moroccan cap on :)

  12. Hi Pavani ,

    First time here... You have got a lovely space... Will try to post an entry for this event.

    Do sneak - a -peek in my blog when time permits .

  13. Pavani,Does Baklava fit into the theme?


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