Cook's Hideout: Beanball Sub

October 06, 2008

Beanball Sub

Today’s lunch is toasted sub with leftover bean balls and marinara sauce (from Day 2) on hoagie rolls. Again recipe is from Veganomicon.

I made a batch of Seitan last night so I don’t have to scramble to make dishes for Vegan mofo. I followed the recipe from Veganomicon to the letter; I have 2/3rds of it in the fridge to be used sometime this week and 1/3rd of it frozen for a later use. So in my blog’s horoscope this week I see a post with seitan in it :0)


  1. I also had your previoius beanball recipe bookmarked..This sounds a nice variation too..

  2. You always have dif kind of food,This one is not a miss...great to look at it.

  3. Vegan Meetball subs are so good. I think I need to make these again.

  4. thats a pretty cool idea...the vegan rolls must have tasted aweome.

  5. coooooool..... :) gup gup gup.. maine khatm ker diya.. can u still c the pic :D

  6. That looks really yummy. I think it is perfect comfort food.


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