Cook's Hideout: Alta La Vista

October 31, 2008

Alta La Vista

Asta La Vista Vegan Mofo. Will miss you. End of October means end of Vegan Mofo. I never thought I would be able to post everyday, but I did.. well almost, including this post I had 28 posts in October. That’s the highest ever in the 2 ½ years history of Cook’s Hideout. It proves “where there is a will, there is a way”.

I’m off to India next week for a very short trip. Will be back end of this month. Should be fun. To end my month long Vegan mofoing I’m leaving you with my Vegan Chocolate cake. Enjoy.. Have a Wonderful weekend. Do something fun.


  1. It was great reading all your vegan posts.Have a great time in India

  2. Welcome to India...hope u have a blast !

  3. Thank you for all those yummy ideas Pavani. I am going to try and make seitan at home inspired from your recipes. Enjoy your trip to India!


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