Cook's Hideout: Day 2

October 02, 2009

Day 2

For the 2nd Veganmofo day, I made this Gujarati Thali with dishes from my dear blogger buddies. First up is Trupti @ The Spice Who Loved Me’s Bharelu Ringan Shaak. Being a sucker for all eggplant dishes, I wanted to make this dish the minute I saw it on her blog. Stuffing Japanese eggplants instead of regular Indian ones was very interesting and the Japanese eggplant gives a slightly sweet taste to the spicy filling. Yum.. this is a keeper.

To go with the Gujarati “shaak” I made Gujarati dal, Osaman, from DK’s Chef in You. Loved the addition of chopped peanuts, it adds a totally new dimension to regular good ‘ol dal.

So I served my Gujarati meal with a side of rotis, steamed rice and mango pulp (this one’s for my DH). Loved it.


  1. What a great looking meal!

  2. That looks like a very yummy meal!

  3. I don't understand how there is so much deliciousness on one page. Everything looks amazing!

  4. WOW! Super scrummy. I LOVE Indian food especially Thali 'cos I like having lots and lots of different things.

  5. Food looks gorgeous! Makes me hungry!

  6. Would love to have that plate right now. Looks very delicious.


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