Cook's Hideout: Rava Laddoo for Indian Cooking Challenge

June 30, 2009

Rava Laddoo for Indian Cooking Challenge

Talented Srivalli of Cooking 4 all Seasons and Spice your Life blogs came up with this brilliant idea called Indian Cooking Challenge. Members would be making authentic Indian dishes from a tried and tasted recipe and posting them on the same day (how cool is that..). This month's recipe is Srivalli's Rava Laddoo.

Here' her recipe:
Semolina/ Rava - 1 cup
Sugar - 1 cup
Ghee - 25 gms
Milk - 25 ml
Cardamom powder - a pinch
Cashew nuts - 10 whole nuts
Raisins - 10 nos
Grated fresh coconut - 25 gms

  • Heat 2 tsp of ghee in a kadai. Once the ghee is hot enough, simmer the flame and roast cashew nuts and raisins. Once the raisins balloon up, remove. Then roast the grated coconut. Remove once done. Keep all these aside.
  • Add the remaining ghee and roast the rava till its well roasted and aroma starts coming out.
  • In a bowl, take all the roasted rava, nuts, Coconut and add the Cardamom powder. Then add the sugar. Mix well.
  • Then slowly add the warm milk into the bowl. Check if you are able to gather as balls. When you find that milk added is enough to get you laddoos transfer it back to the kadai and cook on low heat for 2 minutes. Mix well and then cover it and let it rest for 2 minutes. Then immediately make balls or laddoos.


  1. Now I can say the recipe for rava laddu even in sleep also..he he..:).All blogs are full of these goodies...looks yummy..

  2. Laddoos have turned out perfect!

  3. Lovely ladoos, LOL @ Prathiba, i think these were easy to make too

  4. Pavani,

    Love ur blog and the ladoos look delicious.
    Desi Soccer Mom:)

  5. Pavani, thanks for your kind words...I am so glad you made it..


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