Cook's Hideout: Grill Roasted Vegetables and Quinoa Salad

August 07, 2015

Grill Roasted Vegetables and Quinoa Salad

Summer is about barbecues, grilling and enjoying the outdoors. I took the kids to the lake last weekend for the very first time and they had a blast. It was a beautiful day and the lake was very scenic too. Kids had fun swimming in the lake and my daughter didn't even want to come out of the water.
Quinoa & Grilled Vegetable Salad
Today's recipe is perfect to make for your next barbecue or grilling party. Recipe is from Vegetarian Times magazine. I love grilled vegetables and this salad uses in them in the best possible way. Vegetables can be roasted under the broiler too if you don't have an outdoor grill.

Quinoa needs no introduction now. It is gluten-free and high in protein and fiber. It is a South American staple which is now being used in prepared pastas, snack foods, and even breakfast cereal. I heard of quinoa shampoo too somewhere :-)
Quinoa & Grilled Vegetable Salad
Quinoa grains are coated in saponin, a coating that protects from predators. So it is very important to rinse the quinoa thoroughly before cooking. Many brands are pre-washed, but it's best to rinse anyway to make sure.
Quinoa & Grilled Vegetable Salad
Recipe from Vegetarian Times magazine:
Ingredients: Serves 4
Quinoa - 1cup, rinsed and drained (use red quinoa if you have it. I used a combination of white & red)
Red Bell peppers - 2, large
Zucchini - 2 large, cut top from bottom into 8 planks
Olive Oil - 4tbsp, divided
Basil - 2tbsp, finely chopped
White Balsamic vinegar - 2tsp
Sun-dried tomatoes - 1tbsp, finely chopped
Kalamata Olives - 1tbsp, chopped
Garlic - 1 clove, finely minced
Baby Arugula - 2cups
Goat cheese - 3oz., crumbled (leave out for vegan version)

  • Cook quinoa until tender and keep ready.
  • Preheat grill on high, place bell peppers directly on the grate, close lid and cook for 10~12 minutes or until bell peppers are blistered and blackened in most places, turning occasionally.
  • Transfer bell peppers to bowl, cover and let stand 15~20 minutes. Peel the peppers over colander set in bowl to catch any juices; discard seeds. Cut peppers into 6" long wide strips.
  • Reduce grill heat to medium. Brush both sides of the zucchini planks with 2tbsp oil and season with salt. Grill zucchini 5~8 minutes, turning once. Transfer to plate and cover loosely.
  • Combine remaining 2tbsp oil, bell pepper juices, chopped basil, vinegar, sun-dried tomatoes, olives and garlic in small bowl to make dressing. 
  • Stir in 1tbsp dressing into cooked quinoa. Toss arugula with 1tbsp dressing.
  • Arrange arugula on serving plates. Divide the quinoa and roasted vegetables evenly on top of each serving. Garnish with feta cheese and serve immediately. Drizzle with remaining dressing on each plate and serve immediately.
Quinoa & Grilled Vegetable Salad

Linking this to Valli's 'Cooking from Cookbook ChallengeAugust -- Week 2'.



  1. Delicious to watch... nice presentations...

  2. WOW lake Looks gorgeous and the salad too

  3. Wow that is one nutritious and healthy bowl of salad.

  4. The bowl is such a welcome Pavani..enjoyed your outdoor picture as well!..

  5. Your salad bowl is so welcoming, Pavani. Beautiful & colorful with healthy veggies, too :)

  6. Love your salad recipes.....that's a good reason for me to start having them! Yumm


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