Cook's Hideout: Methi Paneer Dry Curry (Fenugreek Cottage Cheese Curry)

August 05, 2015

Methi Paneer Dry Curry (Fenugreek Cottage Cheese Curry)

Blogging Marathon# 55: Week 1/ Day 3
Theme: Healthy Family Dinners
Dish: Methi Paneer Dry Curry
For the final day of this week's marathon, I made a dry curry made with methi (fenugreek leaves) and paneer. This is a simple dish that can be whipped up in no time and is a yummy when served with roti or as a side dish to rice.
Fenugreek Cottage Cheese Curry

I harvested a big bunch of methi from my container garden and used it in the recipe. I already said this, but I will say it again -- I love summers and my backyard garden. It is so convenient to walk out in the middle of cooking and get some mint, some parsley or basil. This year for the first time, I planted zucchini and cucumber, I'll post about them soon.
Backyard Gardening

Backyard Gardening

Dry Methi leaves
This recipe is from a Telugu cooking show. Along with fresh methi, dried kasoori methi is also added to the curry to give it a nice earthy flavor. With no masalas to grind, this is a quick and simple dish to make any time.
Fenugreek Cottage Cheese Curry
Ingredients: Serves 2~3
Methi Leaves - 1cup
Paneer - 1cup, chopped
Onion - 1 small, chopped
Green chilies - 2, slit
Ginger - 1tsp, grated
Garlic - 2cloves, finely minced
Curry leaves - 6~8
Red Chili powder - ½tsp (adjust as per taste)
Turmeric - ½tsp
Kasoori Methi - 1~2tsp, crushed
Cumin seeds - 1tsp
Salt - to taste

  • Heat 2tbsp oil in a saute pan; add cumin seeds, chopped ginger and garlic. Cook for 30 seconds or until fragrant.
  • Add onions, green chilies, curry leaves and methi leaves. Cover and cook till methi leaves are wilted and tender, about 4~5 minutes.
  • Add salt, red chili powder, turmeric and the paneer. Gently toss it around and cook for 2~3 minutes or paneer is heated through.
  • Finally add the crushed kasoori methi, mix well and turn off the heat. Serve hot with roti or rice.
Fenugreek-Cottage Cheese Curry

Lets check out what my fellow marathoners have cooked today for BM# 55.


  1. nice photos..

  2. Wow curry looks yum. We feel so proud to use over own grown veggies na.

  3. Nice combo of methi and panner, delicious.

  4. Love the taste of freshly harvested methi.

  5. look soo tasty and flavorful...fresh taste is always the best..

  6. Yummy paneer. And very pretty clicks!

  7. And I love your garden too Pavani..your fresh methi leaves look so so wonderful!..pls do share a picture of your entire garden!


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