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March 05, 2013


Blogging Marathon# 26: Week 1/ Day 2
Theme: Goan Cuisine
Dish: Sakharbath
After two savory and spicy dishes from Goa, I was looking for a dessert recipe to try. Goan cuisine has ton of delicious desserts that use coconut, cashews. One dessert that really caught my eye is Bebinca, but after seeing that the dish has a dozen egg yolks and cup and a half of ghee (clarified butter), I changed my mind. Also I was making this dish just for myself since my husband is travelling, so I didn't want it to be too labor intensive and wanted just 1 or 2 servings.
Finally I zeroed in on this Sakharbhath recipe. This is a very simple, easy and quick sweet rice dish. I used only ¼cup of rice, but the recipe can be doubled or tripled to feed a crowd. Rice is cooked in just water and then sweetened to taste with sugar, so this is a dairy free which I'm sure my milk-hating husband will definitely appreciate.

Basmati Rice - 1cup
Sugar - to taste (Start with ½cup and add more as per taste)
Dry fruits - 3tbsp, almonds, cashews, raisins
Cloves - 4
Cinnamon - 1" piece
Bay leaf - 1
Cardamom - 3-4 pods
Ground Cardamom - ½tsp 
Saffron - 4-5 strands
  • Wash and rinse basmati rice. Soak in cold water for about ½hour. Then drain well and set aside.
  • Heat 1tbsp ghee in a sauce pan, add the dry fruits and fry until golden brown. Remove and set aside.
  • In the same add, add 1tbsp ghee and add all the whole garam masala, cloves, cinnamon stick, cardamom pods and bay leaf. Cook until the spices start to smell aromatic, about 1-2 minutes.
  • Next add the drained basmati rice and mix to coat the grains with ghee. Add 1½cups of water, saffron strands and bring the mixture to a boil on medium-high flame. Lower the heat and simmer covered until rice is tender, about 15 minutes.
  • Finally add the sugar, roasted dry fruits and ground cardamom. Cook until the rice dries out a little bit. 
Lets check out what my fellow marathoners have cooked up today for BM# 26.


  1. Glad you made the rice, they look delicious, love the addition of whole spices.,,fantastic!

  2. That's a nice recipe to try out when the craving for something sweet but not too time-consuming to make strike you.

  3. Wowwww... looks absolutely delicious... love the presentation too.. thanks for sharing :)

  4. what a simple dessert yet must be tasting great with the spices

  5. so flavorful and aromatic rice!!! am learning all Goan dishes through BM!!!
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  6. Looks stunning Pavani...with all those dry fruits, the rice must have tasted awesome!..I enjoyed your treat pavani, looking forward to the rest

  7. Sakharbath looks rich,flavourful and irresistible dish, have to make some soon.

  8. Oh beautiful sweet rice :) And yes I was scared reading bout bebnica too. It just sounded too labor intensive.

  9. Hope I can feel the taste. Samaria pongal with masala flavor.

  10. Love this as I have a sweet tooth and can eat anything sweet. Is it not similar to sweet pulao?

  11. Very interesting dish Pavani. Spices in sweet rice is very new to me. Must be wonderful with all those spices and dry fruits..

  12. Mouth-watering, Looks super inviting!!!

  13. I loved the silverware! Nice presentation and beautiful clicks, Pavani!

  14. It is an absolute winner! Love the addition of spices in this sweet pulao :)

  15. Nice presentation! Perfect for people who do not like overly sweet desert!

  16. You brought back a lot of memories, Pavani. Sakharbhat was definitely a staple festival dish in my childhood home. Yours looks so delicious, and I love the presentation.

  17. Nice pictures. Sakharbat looks so delicious. We too prepare something similar to this excluding cloves and cinnamon

  18. That looks very delicious.Loved the presentation too!!!

  19. Waw! This looks so simple yet very tasty. Love the way you have presented it!


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