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December 08, 2008

I am back

I’m back from my short trip to India (I consider all my trips to India short even if I stay more than a month). It was an awesome trip with 2 weddings; meeting family, lots of food, loads of fun. I got to meet all my maternal cousins after 19 years. Coming back to mundane daily routine is not fun at all.
I’m still heavily jet lagged and home sick. My son got used to seeing many people and to the attention they were giving him, now he gets bored looking at just DH and me. He misses the ceiling fans that he very fondly used to call “thaaaaan”, now he expectantly looks at bare ceilings. He also misses wearing shorts and muscle tees and is giving quite an opposition to layers of clothes needed here.
I haven’t been cooking anything worth posting yet, just wanted to say Hello and will be back with a recipe soon.


  1. Hey girlie! Welcome back... glad to hear you had a nice trip. Hope to see your posts soon.

  2. Welcome bakc.
    Nice to know that you had a fabulous time in India

  3. Glad you had a fun trip Pavani! Hope the jetlag fades out soon.

  4. ur post got me nostalgic...

  5. Welcome back Pavani.. Last wk I also came back from India. I am also still getting used to US routine.

  6. hey Pavani, welcomeback! I know all the trips to India are short:) Very true. seems you had a great time with 2 weddings, I wish I get to go that way grrrr ...
    My Son also got used to the fans there when he was 3 and still keeps talking about them, how come kids are facinated by fan:))


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