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November 06, 2008

T&T: Mahanandi

Indira & Mahanandi don’t need any introduction. To me is like Whenever I want to make simple homemade food, the first blog that I visit is Mahanandi. There are so many easy to make Andhra recipes, restaurant-style recipes, simple food but presented clearly & elegantly with fabulous pictures. I have tried many of her recipes, but there are lot many that I’ve bookmarked for trying.

Here are some of them I have tried and tested for Zlamushka’s T&T event.

Puri: I followed the Puri pictorial to the T. They turned out just delicious and not greasy at all unlike my own puris that usually left you with a unpleasant oil taste in your mouth.

Chole: Again I followed recipe to the T.

Palak Pasta: I used Indira’s Palak Paneer recipe and instead of adding paneer, I added pasta (campanelle) and it was amazing. I fed my son the same sauce with his pastina and he was smacking his lips the whole time.


  1. I love puri and chickpea and this looks yumm.
    Lov ethe pasta with spinach too

  2. Everything looks yum. Love the new look.

  3. I made the spinach pasta too..Nice change in template..

  4. palak pasta is a nice recipe but I will settle down with poori chole:)

  5. Puri with chickpeas is a heavenly combo. I loved that u used pasta for Paneer. Must have tasted great.

  6. Pavani,

    Great stuff.

    Btw, what happened to Mahanandi site? It is offline these days.

  7. Poori chole looks great. Loved teh addition of Pasta in Palak :)

  8. Puri choley looks yummy...and loved the idea of using pasta instead of paneer...

  9. wpw ... palak pasta is new to me .. looks yumm

  10. Poori-chole...yum,left me drooling!!

  11. U have a lovely blog pavani , can I have your email id plz

  12. I really did start cooking the sane day i saw your blog and i also start smacking my lips the whole time.LOL. Thank you for this healthy and wonderful recipe!

  13. looks yum!
    first time to ur blog and it is very nice!
    do visit my blog when u find time!


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