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August 02, 2009

JFI: Peanuts Round up

Let me start by thanking Indira for giving me this opportunity to host JFI. Thank you all for participating so enthusiastically and sending in so many delicious dishes with Peanuts.
For the round up I tried to categorize them by course, hope you guys will try these yummy dishes.

Let me start the round up with Ramki @ One Page Cookbooks' 10 Simple Peanut Recipes that has recipes for all the 5 categories below.

Peanut Chutney & Peanut Powders:

It's the brain behind JFI itself, Indira @ Mahanandi, she sent in her Spicy Peanut Butter which can be great as a chutney or a dip or even gravy for a fabulous Indian curry.
Jaya @ Jaya Space sent in her Peanut & Sesame Chutney which she says is a staple in her house. Looking at the picture, I would like to have some everyday too.
Kalyani @ Kalyani's Kitchen sent in her delicious looking Peanut Chutney which is super easy to make.
Lubna @ Yummy Food sent in her Spicy Peanut Powder that can be stored for 10-15 days and can make a boring breakfast, exciting.
Nivedita @ Nivedita's Kitchen sends in her Peanut Chutney Powder which she says is a staple in Northern Karnataka households.
Preeti @ Khaugiri sends in her Peanut Powder/ Danyacha Kut which is used in koshimbirs, stuffed curries and fasting foods like sabudana khichdi.
Sri Nithya @ Andhra Spice sends in her version of Spicy Peanut Powder/ Palli Podi. Looks like each state in India has its own version of Peanut powders.
Saritha @ My Kitchen Aroma sends in her Peanut powder/ Palli Podi.
Finally my two entries: Peanut Chutney & Peanut Chutney Powder.

Peanutty Curries:

Dipti @ There's a duckie in my kitchen sent in her easy Potato Bhaji with Peanuts.
Graziana @ Erbe in Cucina sends in a very unique dish with Curry Plant and Peanut Butter.
Kalyani @ Kalyani's Kitchen sends in a Hyderabadi favorite Mirchi Ka Salaan.
UPDATE 8/07: Nisha @ Nisha's Kitchen sent her delicious Beans Fry with Peanut. I apologize for missing your entries Nisha.

Muskaan @ A2Z Vegetarian Cuisine sends in a curry with very interesting combo of Okra & Peanuts that is good and also good for you.
Preeti @ Khaugiri sends in her Peanut Curry/ Danyachi Amti which is usually made as a fasting dish.
Priya Suresh @ Priya's Easy N Tasty recipes sends in my favorite curry with my favorite combo: Brinjal & Peanut Curry.
Sadhana @ A2Z Vegetarian Cuisine sends in yet another one of my favorite ways to eat brinjal & peanuts: Eggplants Stuffed with Peanuts & Spices.
Sanghi @ Sanghi's Food Delights sends in her Potato Peanut Poriyal (now that's an aliteration that's tasty too)
Sumi @ Sumi's Kitchen sends in one more of my fav. combo: Eggplant curry with Peanuts.
Suparna @ Mirch Masala sends in her Peanut Curry which is usually eaten on fasting days.
Finally its my Kakarakaya palli masala Kura/ Bitter Gourd in peanut gravy.
Rice/ Pasta & Grains with Peanuts:

Aarti @ Aarthi's Kitchen sends in her simple and easy Peanut Rice.
EC @ Simple Indian Food sent in her delicious Peanut Masala Bhath.
Jyoti @ Panch Pakwan sent in her Indian Style Pasta with Peanuts.
Muskaan @ A2Z Vegetarian Cuisine sent in her Indo-Thai Whole Wheat Noodles.
Vidya @ Humming in the Kitchen sent in her healthy and delicious Quinoa Pilaf with Peanuts.

Crunchy & Nutty Salads/ Snacks:

Faiza Ali @ Faiza Ali's Kitchen sends in her delicious snack mix: Poha Chivda.
Jisha @ Kerala Recipes sent in her yummy Boiled Peanut Salad.
Meera @ Enjoy Indian Food sent in her Peanut Stir Fry/ Danyanchi Usal.
Nutan @ Rice N Spice sent in her very innovative and delicious Peanut Butter Murku.
Pari @ Foodelicious sends in her Crunchy Mixed Veggie Salad with Peanut Dressing.
Prasu @ Prasu Kitchen sent in her Raw Banana Appetizer.
Sanghi @ Sanghi's Food Delights sent in her Kadala Paruppu Sundal.
Satya @ Satya's Cooking experiments sent in her simple yet delicious Boiled Peanuts.
Shanthi @ Shanthi Krishnakumar's Cookbook sent her Groundnut Sundal.
Sudha @ Malaysian delicacies sent in Special Rougail Style brinjal with is a West Indian delicacy.
Sujata @ Mere Chulhe Se... sent in my all time favorite Sabudana Khichdi.

Peanut Desserts:

UPDATE 8/07: Nisha @ Nisha's Kitchen sent her Peanut Til Ladoo.

Rekha @ Plantain Leaf sends her Peanut Brittle/ Palli Chikki.
Sadhana @ A2Z Vegetarian Cuisine sends her nutritious Oats N Peanut Butter Cookies.
Shri @ Tasty Touch sends her Peanut Toffee.
Let me know if I missed any entries. I apologize in advance if that happened.
Have a great week guys. Thanks again.


  1. great roundup! A page wrth bookmarking!

  2. Delicious nutty roundup..looks prefect and droolworthy array of yummy dishes together!!Lovely roundup Pavani!

  3. Hi Pavani loved the idea of segregating the recipes into various courses.There are peanuts everywhere.So much to learn and try out.

  4. Oh wow...that's an awesome roundup...i knew podi and chutney only with peanuts.....these many recipes can be made with it.....gr8!

  5. Three cheers to you for having this event....

  6. Lovely Peanut many things to try..

  7. great roundup every thing looks just yummy

  8. Wow! Nice round-up, Pavani! Lots of dishes too. WIll be back again to take a detailed look at each :)

  9. Nicely compiled. I'm gonna try all these podis first..must taste bliss, is my bet.

  10. Thank you so very much, Pavani for including my entry, and for this lovely looking and categorized JFI: Peanut roundup.


  11. Thats one lovely round up pavani!

  12. What a beautiful roundup with lot of interesting dishes... Thank you Pavani!!

  13. Pavani there is something waiting for you in our blog. Please come and collect it.

  14. Awesome roundup, everything looks lovely and there are so many recipes I want to try from this one...great effort Pavani !

  15. Wonderful roundup, all the recipes and pictures look lovely. Good job!


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