Cook's Hideout: Tameta Muthiya nu Shaak (Gujarati Tomato Curry with Steamed Dumplings)

April 23, 2016

Tameta Muthiya nu Shaak (Gujarati Tomato Curry with Steamed Dumplings)

BM# 63: Journey through the Cuisines 
Week 3: Gujarati Cuisine 
Day 20: T for Tameta Muthiya nu Shaak
Recipe from Tarla
Can't believe we are at the end of the 3rd week in our 'Journey through the cuisines' mega marathon. Here's the last of the Gujarati dishes in the series and it's yet another easy to make, simple everyday tomato curry with muthiyas.
Gujarati Tomato Curry with Steamed Dumplings
I made Palak-Methi muthiyas -- steamed this time to add to the tomato shaak. Even the fried muthiyas would work just as good in this recipe. I made a similar Gujarati tomato curry with sev for one of the previous BMs.
I make tomato curry quite often, but adding muthiyas to it makes it special enough to serve even for guests. Make the muthiyas ahead of time and put them in the curry just before serving. This dish can be served withe either rice or roti for a yummy meal.

Tameta Muthiya nu Shaak
  • 3~4 Medium Tomatoes, chpped
  • 1 recipe Palak Methi Muthiyas
  • ½tsp Mustard seeds
  • ½" Ginger piece, finely grated
  • 5~6 Curry leaves
  • ¼tsp Asafoetida/ Hing
  • ½tsp Turmeric
  • 1tsp Ground Coriander
  • 1tsp Ground Cumin
  • 1tsp Sugar (optional)
  • To taste Salt
  • ½tsp~1tsp Red Chili powder
  1. Prepare Palak Methi muthiyas.
  2. Heat oil in a pan, add the mustard seeds. Once the seeds start to splutter, add the curry leaves, ginger and asafoetida and saute for 30 seconds.
  3. Add the tomatoes, turmeric, ground coriander, ground cumin, red chili powder, sugar, salt and 1/2cup of water.
  4. Cover and cook till the tomatoes turn mushy.
  5. Just before serving, add the palak methi muthiyas, mix gently and cook on a medium flame for another minute.
  6. Serve right away with rotlis.
Gujarati Tomato Curry with Steamed Dumplings
Here are my Gujarati dishes I made this week:
O for Oondhiyu
P for Piyush
Q for Quick Pan Handvo
R for Rasawala Chana
S for Sambhariyu Shaak
T for Tameta Muthiya nu Shaak


  1. That's one interesting and healthy dish Pavani, looks inviting:)

  2. I am sure this combination sounds so good...can't wait to see what your choice is for next time...and all so tough as well..:)

  3. Wow, this tameta muthiya nu shaak looks absolutely stunning and am in love with those muthiyas, too delicious.

  4. Gujarati tomato curry with steamed muthiya looks very nice. Simple tomato curry looks so fancy with additional of muthiya.

  5. Interesting recipe Pavani,very well presented.

  6. I have never made a curry with tomato alone. However it provides an interesting and tangy base for these healthy, green muthiyas.

  7. I tried this tameta nu shaak with sev and loved it. yummm. Love your presentation.

  8. That is a nice curry for rotis. Looks delicious..

  9. Tomato seems to be the flavour of the day ... Great choice with the shaak

  10. Paalak methi muthias sound so healthy , love that green of muthias , looks beautiful with the contrasting red tomato . Yes the Sev Tamate is a very popular dish here .

  11. The combo sounds mouth watering.

  12. You got a classic there. A very traditional Gujarati recipe, you made it really well and as usual, awesome clicks!

  13. That is an interesting looking Gujarati dish.You have nailed it and needless to mention awesome clicks.


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