Cook's Hideout: Muhammara (Red Pepper Walnut Spread)

September 17, 2015

Muhammara (Red Pepper Walnut Spread)

Buffet on Table: Week 3 -- Condiments from Countries
Day 16: Syria -- Muhammara (Red Pepper Walnut Spread)
Today's condiment comes from Aleppo, Syria. Muhammara or mhammara is a hot pepper dip and is found in Levantine and Turkish cuisines. In western Turkey, muhammara is referred to as acuka

It is made with smoky roasted peppers, crunchy walnuts and fruity pomegranate molasses. It is a great alternate to hummus that is a usually found on Middle Eastern appetizer platter. Aleppo pepper is usually added to the dip, but you can substitute with a pinch of cayenne.
Muhammara can be served as a dip with bread, as a spread for toast and as a sauce for kebabs, grilled meats and fish. I made it a little thick and it was just perfect to dunk some pita bread in. I even ate it with some rice like a chutney and it tasted great.

Makes 1½cups
Roasted Bell Peppers - 12oz. jar or roast and seed 2 red bell peppers
Cumin Seeds - 1tsp
Coriander Seeds - 1tsp
Dry Breadcrumbs - ⅓cup (white preferred, but I had wholewheat breadcrumbs on hand and they worked fine)
Walnuts - ⅓cup, chopped
Garlic - 3 cloves, minced
Pomegranate molasses - 1tbsp
Lemon juice - 1½tsp
Aleppo Pepper flakes - ½tsp (or use a pinch of cayenne pepper)
Olive Oil - 2tbsp
Sea Salt - to taste

  • If roasting your peppers, then remove and discard the skin and seeds. Coarsely chop them. If using jarred peppers, then drain and chop coarsely.
  • Dry roast cumin and coriander seeds until fragrant, cool and grind to a fine powder.
  • In a blender or food processor, pulse together bread crumbs and walnuts into coarse crumbs. Add the chopped peppers, ground spices, garlic, pomegranate molasses, lemon juice, pepper flakes, sea salt and pulse into a chunky paste. Add olive oil and blend until smooth paste is formed. Serve at room temperature or chill for 30 minutes for the flavors to mingle.

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  1. Love the color of muhammara. Such a lovely versatile spread

  2. Loved muhammara a lot.Your set up looks so neat .Lovely clicks.

  3. Muhammara turned out so inviting.Love your clicks.

  4. Yes I too love how pretty your muhammara looks very nice recipe..

  5. Love the flavor of this sauce.. nice choice

  6. Mouthwatering..Love to spread on bread and have it.

  7. Love the stunning images, Pavani. Very tempting.

  8. you are all tempting me to try this sauce soon. good one

  9. Love the colour of the sauce, so tempting.

  10. My god, this muhammara makes me hungry, droolworthy spread..

  11. Love the color of that sauce and beautiful clicks.

  12. i am so drooling here!!! beautiful clicks and what a great color!!

  13. I bought a big bag of walnuts today and seeing all these versions of this sauce now, I am so tempted to try it


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