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September 14, 2015

Chimichurri Sauce

Buffet on Table: Week 3 -- Condiments from Countries
Day 12: Argentina -- Chimichurri Sauce
After 1 week of Combo meals and a week of Indian states, we continue our Buffet on Table marathon with Condiments from around the world as the theme for the week. When the themes were being finalized I wasn't really clear what a 'condiment' is. Chutneys and jams were the only condiments I knew and wasn't really sure if I would be able to find a week worth of condiment recipes from around the world to post.
A quick google search and a chat with Mir, clarified my doubts. Condiment is defined as 'something that is used to enhance the flavor of food' (Merriam Webster dictionary). According to Wiki, 'a condiment is a spice, sauce or other food preparation that is added to food to impart a particular flavor, to enhance its flavor or to complement the dish'.
Argentina Chimichurri Sauce
I searched the internet and cookbooks with more clarity and found some delicious condiments from around the world. First up is this vibrant green sauce from Argentina called 'Chimichurri'. It is generally used for grilled meat and is originally from the Rio de la Plata, Argentina. It is made of finely chopped parsely, garlic, olive oil and white vinegar.
I used parsley from my garden and it made the sauce taste even better. I served it with roasted vegetables and quinoa.
Chimichurri is a quite strong sauce, cut back on the garlic and/ or the red pepper. Fresh parsley  keeps everything in perspective. This recipe is from 'The Best Recipes from the World' by Mark Bittman. If you want ideas of what to do with Chimichurri sauce, then check here.

Recipe from here:
Parsley leaves - 1cup, finely chopped
Fresh Lemon juice - 3tbsp
Garlic - 2 cloves, finely chopped
Hot Red pepper flakes - 1tsp (or to taste)
Extra virgin Olive oil - ¼cup
Salt - to taste

  • Combine the parsley, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice and red pepper in a bowl and stir to combine.
  • Season with salt and add more red pepper if desired.
  • Serve within a few hours; do not refrigerate.

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  1. Chimichurri looks so tempting.I also wanted to do it and had some parsley leaves .But didn't find time and the leaves got spoiled.

  2. Color of chimichurri is very vibrant.

  3. beautifully presented the sauce looks very well the flavors, even I made this but for sure the color of this chimichuri looks vibrant.

  4. I can imagine parsley flavor dominating in there. Sounds interesting.

  5. Looks absolutely tempting and has a lovely color.

  6. Wow.What a color you got that sauce..Looks tempting.

  7. Pavani, your picture has me drooling..somehow that green colour is so bewitching! beautiful!

  8. Love the color and nice texture.

  9. Great texture and vibrant color

  10. Super catchy chimichurri sauce, cant take my eyes from ur clicks..

  11. This sounds flavorful. This version minus garlic is almost similar to Indian green chutney.

  12. the clicks are brilliant and the sauce is so delicious and finger licking good!!

  13. Wow what pics the sauce itself is so beautiful.

  14. eventhough we both made the same thing your plating is far superior - looks fantastic!


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