Cook's Hideout: Mesir Wat (Ethiopian Lentil Stew)

January 18, 2014

Mesir Wat (Ethiopian Lentil Stew)

Blogging Marathon# 36: Week 3/ Day 2
Theme: Ethiopian Cuisine
Dish: Mesir Wat (Ethiopian Lentil Stew)
Ethiopian cuisine is very vegetarian friendly. There are a number of vegetable based and lentil based dishes that are perfect options for vegetarians and vegans. Today I have a lentil based dish called Mesir Wat. Wat is like stew and Mesir Wat loosely means lentil stew.
Red lentils aka Masoor dal is cooked until thick and creamy with berbere spice making this a very hearty and comforting dish. Addition of berbere spice makes this dish taste amazing.
Mesir Wat (Ethiopian Lentil Stew)

Ingredients: Serves 2~3
Red lentils/ Masoor dal - 1cup
Onion - 1 medium, finely chopped
Ginger+Garlic paste - 1tsp
Green chilies - 2, slit
Tomato puree - ½cup
Berbere Spice - 1~2tbsp
Salt - to taste


  • Heat 1tbsp oil in a medium sauce pan; add onions and green chilies, cook till onions are translucent, about 3~4 minutes.
  • Add ginger+garlic paste and cook for 1 minute. Next add tomato puree and berbere spice, cook for 2~3 minutes. 
  • Add 3 cups of water (or vegetable stock or a combination of water and stock), bring the mixture to a boil. Lower the heat and simmer covered until lentils are cooked through, tender and creamy, this will take about 15~20 minutes.
  • Season with salt, mix well and serve hot over injera or as is.
Mesir Wat (Ethiopian Lentil Stew)
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  1. Looks so good Pavani!Love the last click :)

  2. That looks so creamy, filling and good.

  3. Daal does sound very interesting...

  4. Looks perfect for cold winter evenings!

  5. Wow so close to our dal, right?

  6. Such a hearty lentil stew. perfect for the cold weather..

  7. looks so thick and creamy - perfect to pour over rice

  8. thats a super yummy stew looks fantastic dear :) very comforting one !!

  9. This looks great! What kind of chili do you use as a "green chili" - jalapeno, poblano, or something else?

    1. Hi, I used Thai green chilies here, jalapeno can also be used instead.

  10. This is so similar to our dal! I have fallen in love with the berbere spice mix as well and I have been using a bit of it in many dishes.


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