Cook's Hideout: Bedmi Poori

April 11, 2013

Bedmi Poori

Blogging Marathon: Week 2/ Day 3
Theme: Traditional Dishes
Dish: Bedmi Poori
Today's traditional dish is from the northern state of Uttar Pradesh. It is a poori stuffed with  spiced urad dal paste. The end result is this slightly different pooris that are very filling and delicious.
Bedmi Poori
I followed the recipes from Valli's and Vaishali's posts. My pooris didn't fluff up like Vaishali's, but they tasted great anyway.

Bedmi Poori
For the Pooris:
Atta (wholewheat flour) - 2cups
Salt - to taste
Ghee - 1tsp
For the Stuffing:
Urad dal (Minapappu) - ½cup
Hing/ Asafoetida - pinch
Fennel seeds - 1tsp
Cumin Seeds - ½tsp
Nigella seeds - ½tsp
Red chili powder - ½tsp
Garam masala - ½tsp
Salt - pinch (atta covering already has salt, so make sure not to add too much in the filling)
Bedmi Poori


  • For the filling: Soak urad dal for at least 30 minutes. Drain the water and grind to a coarse paste.
  • Heat 1tsp oil in a nonstick pan and add hing, fennel seeds, cumin seeds and nigella seeds; once the seeds start to splutter, add the ground urad dal and mix well. Next add the chili powder, garam masala and salt. Cook stirring frequently until the mixture starts to leave the pan, about 6-8 minutes. Let the mixture cool slightly, then divide it into 8-10 equal size balls.
  • For the dough: Mix atta, ghee and salt. Add enough water to make a stiff dough. Knead the dough until smooth and pliable. Cover and set aside for 15 mins.
  • For Bedmi Pooris: Divide the dough into 8-10 equal lemon size balls. Flatten the dough into a disc, place the stuffing in the middle and cover it with the dough. Roll out into 4 - 5" discs.
  • Heat oil for deep frying on medium-high heat. Fry the pooris until golden on both sides. Try pressing the poori while frying to puff it up.
  • Removce with a slotted spoon onto a paper towel lines plate. Serve hot with potato curry.
Bedmi Poori
Lets check out what my fellow marathoners have cooked today for BM# 27.


  1. Pavani, your pictures are so inviting and superb, they do half the job, no one needs to read any further, i am yet to make this poori and will be making it very very soon

  2. Thanks for trying these have to roll these pooris a little thick..and then fry these first in hot oil, and then reduce the flame, this way they fluff up, and get cooked deep inside..and of course become crunchy!
    The non puffed ones taste great too, since the stuffing is so delicious!

  3. Even i bookmarked it from Vaishali's am yet to try this stuffed pooris, can guess how tasty these deep fried beauties will be.

  4. I love this poori Pavani, it surely makes the meal more festive...lovely pictures..I guess the non puff up ones makes it up by it being crispy..:)

  5. The pooris look good. I love the filling and that i swhat matters most does it not.

  6. So delicious and crispy recipe...

  7. I love this variation on the regular puris, as a self confessed puri-holic, I need to try these as soon as possible :)


  8. Interesting one, bookmarking.

  9. The taste is what that matters and as long as that is fine, puffing up doesnt matter :-). The poori looks tempting!

  10. I would love to try these out too..The pictures are way too tempting :)

  11. I remember seeing this in Vaishali;s blog. These must be sinful with all that filling and being deep fried!

  12. Looks so good. Haven't yet tried this...pooris looks very tempting!!!

  13. I have been seeing them everywhere during the marathons. Have to try them out.


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