Cook's Hideout: Vegan Hot Chocolate with Soy Creamer

October 19, 2012

Vegan Hot Chocolate with Soy Creamer

VeganMofo Day 19: It's been raining and chilly the whole day today. I'm not a big fan of rains because I don't like wiping water from my glasses and I definitely don't like getting my feet wet. So I prefer to stay home when it rains (whenever I can), which is what I did today.

It was still chilly after it stopped raining, so I wanted to make something to warm me up. I used soy creamer along with soy milk to make this thick and delicious hot chocolate. Skip the creamer and use more soy milk if you don't have it on-hand or don't care for a rich drink. Either way this is a healthy & yummy drink to enjoy on a chilly day.
Soy milk -½cup
Soy Creamer - ½cup
Sugar - 2tbsp
Cocoa powder - 2tbsp (I used Starbuck's Hot Cocoa mix)
Espresso powder - 1tsp

  • Mix cocoa powder with 2tbsp hot water to form a syrup.
  • Heat soy milk and soy creamer. Add expresso powder and sugar; mix well.
  • Add the milk mixture to the cocoa powder; mix well and serve immediately.


  1. Incredible and super tempting hot chocolate.

  2. I have tried a BUNCHES of vegan hot chocolates but this is by far my favorite.

  3. The BEST and that's saying something because I've tried many hot chocolates.


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