Cook's Hideout: Party with Fruit Cream

September 29, 2008

Party with Fruit Cream

Last weekend we had a party for my son’s birthday. We ordered Indo-Chinese food from Moghul catering and it was very good. I would highly recommend this place to anyone looking for decent Indian food in New Jersey area. Good service and I especially liked their party tray packing; there is little or no scope for spillage.

This is what we ordered (no pics.. sorry):
Appetizer: Paneer chutney Pakodas
Main Course: Vegetable Fried Rice & Chili Garlic Noodles
Side Dish: Vegetable Manchurian

I wanted a dish with tofu, so I made Penang Curry from Jugalbandi.
For desserts, I made Instant Rasmalai, Fruit cream and of course the cake.

My rasmalai was a jugalbandi was recipes from here and here. I squeezed the rasgullas Jugalbandi style; for the milk part, I used 1 15 oz. can condensed milk, 10 oz. of evaporated milk and about ½ cup whole milk. They were just sooooo delicious. I can have these everyday.

Fruit cream was my sister’s colleagues’ recipe and it was a bit hit with the guests. There were a lot of recipe requests for this one and I was expecting I would be asked for the rasmalai recipe. Well.. here’s the recipe:

Whip Cream – 1 tub (a.k.a Cool Whip; found in the refrigerated section of your grocery store)
Sour Cream – ½ of 16 oz. container
Powdered Sugar – 2-3 tbsp (or to taste)
Fruits – Canned Mandarin oranges, pineapple chunks, mango, pears etc

  • Using a hand blender, blend whip cream, sour cream and sugar until well combined; takes about 2-3 minutes.
  • Drain the fruits and fold them into the cream to make “Fruit Cream”. Refrigerate until ready to serve.
You can most definitely use fresh fruits, but if using bananas or apples, make sure there are no leftovers, or it will turn brown/black. Mandarin oranges are a must according to my sister’s colleague. This is the quickest dessert ever, it may not be one of the healthiest one, but it is worth indulging on once in a while.


  1. Quick and easy... the sour cream is kind of the odd man out... would it be a little tangy?

  2. I guess u had a really good party.

  3. had a blast? great fun to host a party :)

  4. Sounds simple n easy to make..


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