Cook's Hideout: MBP April-One Pot Wonders

April 26, 2008

MBP April-One Pot Wonders

I love to blog hop to all my favorite blogs at least once a week to see what is cooking in their kitchens. The advantage of reading through blogs is you know for sure that recipe worked for them (or not), unlike cooking shows on tv or reading recipes in a magazine or cookbook.

Coffee (@ The Spice Cafe) came up with this idea of blog hopping and recreating the recipes in our own kitchens and posting about them on a different theme every. She passed on the baton for hosting the MBP event beacuse of her work commitments. I'd like to thank her for this opportunity.

Next Month's host is Raaga of the Singing Chef.

Thank you all for taking time and sending in these delicious entries. Here are the entries in Alphabetical Order. Please let me know if I have missed anyone.

First up is Anjali @ The Big Bite with her Pepper Flavored Rice from Sailu's Miriyala Annam.

Becke @ Columbus Foodie joins MBP for the first time with her Anelletti Pasta with Sausage and Greens inspired from Faith's pasta dish.

Bhagyashri @ Taste Buds makes delicious Cauliflower Biryani from Maheswari's dish.

Bhawana @ Tastes of India makes Bihari Khichidi inspired from Meera's and Asha's Khichdis.

Cham @ Spice-Club makes Vermicelli Khichdi from Roopa's Chow Chow bhath.

Dhivya.P @ Dhivya's Kitchen sends her Palak Rice from Archy's Recipe Book.

Divya @ Dil Se sends her Potato Fried Rice from Dhivya's Recipe.

Updated 4/27: Divya, Sorry to miss your entry. Divya @ Dil Se sends in her second entry Mushroom Peas Corn Pulao from Meena's blog.

Jayasree @ Experiments in Kailas Kitchen makes Ghee rice from Seena's rice recipe.

Medhaa @ Cook with Love makes Pudina Biryani from Andhra Flavors: For Spicy Lovers blog.

Meera @ Enjoy Indian Food makes Bihari Khichdi from Asha's recipe.

Mythreyee @ Paajaka's Recipes makes Karela Pulao from Indira's Kakarakaya Annam recipe.

Shoba @ Nangilgirl's Adventures sends two entries: First one is her Chicken Biryani from Srivalli's Recipe.

Her Second entry is Mushroom Peas Pulao from Meena's recipe.

Priyanka @ Asan Khana makes Tomato Baath from Lakshmi's recipe.

Raaga @ the Singing Chef makes Oats Upma from Nandita's blog.

Siri @ Siri's Corner joins us with two of her entries. First being her Pateta-par-Eeda from Nupur's blog.

Her second entry is Burnt Ginger Rice from Dhivya's recipe.

Srimati @ Few Minute Wonders revisits Upma from Lakshmi's recipe.

Swati @ Chatkhor makes Moong Dal ki Khichdi from Sia's blog.

Trupti @ Recipe Center makes Bengali Khichuri from Ashwini's recipe.

Uma @ Telugu Ruchi makes Peas and Capsicum Rice from Vanamala's Kitchen.

Vandana @ Vandy's Culinary Adventures makes Vegetable Pulao from Sunshine Mom's recipe.

Finally I made Creole Black Eyed Peas from Susan's Fatfree Vegan recipe.


  1. that's a wonderful roundup Pavani! So many yummy recipes at one place. Thanks for hosting this wonderful event.

  2. thanks pavani///nice enteries,...

  3. Beautiful array of one pot dishes. Lovely round up!

  4. That was a lovely roundup Pavani..

  5. Hey Pavani, first of all, it was a great theme! I am one of those who practically lives on one pot meal. And a wonderful round up to follow that!! :) Thanks so much for hosting. :)

  6. Lovely Roundup Pavani. One pot wonders was such a lovely theme. It was fun cooking up from other blogs. Great job buddy!


  7. This is the best round up.. bloggers can easily identify their dishes like this.. i just loved it. keep up the good work.

  8. Now I can visit this place for a choice on one-pot meals..nice roundup!

  9. lovely round up ..thanks for hosting this!

  10. Thanks for the wonderful roundup Pavani!

  11. Great roundup of one pot meals.

  12. wow nice roundup now i can make wonders in my home thank u for ur lovely theme

  13. Thanks for the collection.We can have all one pot wonders in a page and try them out.

  14. Hi Pavani.First time at ur blog. Lovely theme and some very nice dishes !! do drop by my blog at


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