Cook's Hideout: MBP-April: One Pot Wonders

April 19, 2008

MBP-April: One Pot Wonders

Pressure Cooker is great to use for one pot meals. My entry is Creole Black eye Peas cooked entirely in pressure cooker from Susan’s Fat free Vegan. I didn’t have peppers or celery on hand, so I used frozen mixed vegetables (carrots/ beans/ peas and corn). I served it over brown rice.


  1. Nice way to use the black eyed peas..nice entry

  2. thats a great entry!!!i love black eye peas...this looks delicious..

  3. thats look very healthy pavani

  4. the dish looks healthy and appetizing Pavani!


  5. Nice one Pavani. Do you also cook brown rice in the pressure cooker. I have not tried it yet. I use the instant brown rice, which can be cooked in the microwave oven.

  6. Hi Madhuram, I usually cook my brown rice in lots of water and drain the water when done. I wasn't successful pressure cooking brown rice (always ended up with lots of water after cooking).

  7. Very Nutritious and Healthy... A nice entry!!


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