Cook's Hideout: Nethi Beerakaya Pachadi-Silk Squash Chutney

July 09, 2007

Nethi Beerakaya Pachadi-Silk Squash Chutney

I have never cooked with Nethi beerakaya aka Silk Squash before. Nethi beerakaya bajji (fritters) are very famous in Andhra. I bought 2 squashes from the Indian store and made pachadi with one and bajji with the other.

To make the bajjis, cut the veggie into thin circles. Dip them into bajji/ pakora batter (besan+chili powder+cumin powder+salt+water to make a thin batter) and deep fry till golden brown. Serve hot sprinkled with chaat masala along with ketchup. We gobbled down our bajjis before I could take the pictures, so all I have here is raw silk squash pieces.

Here’s the recipe for pachadi.

Nethi Beerakaya – 1 medium, chopped (no need to peel, just rinse thoroughly)
Tomato – 2 medium, chopped
Tamarind pulp – 1-2 tsp
Chana dal – 1tbsp
Ural dal – 1 tbsp
Jeera – 1 tsp
Red chilies – 4
Salt to taste

  • Heat 1 tsp oil in a pan; add dals, jeera, red chilies and sauté till lightly browned. Remove and keep aside.
  • In the same pan, add chopped beerakaya pieces, tomato, cover and cook till tender. Remove from heat.
  • Once cool enough to handle, grind the dals first to a powder, then add the veggies, tamarind pulp, salt and blend to a smooth paste.
I like mine a little chunky, so I didn’t blend it all the way through. Tastes great with rice/ idlis/ dosas or on sandwiches.
Here's another interesting nethi beerakaya recipe from Indira’s blog.


  1. I have this with rice and sesame oil. Goes well with any vegetable fry.

  2. I don't think I know this veggie,doesn't look familiar at all.Bajji sounds great.
    Pachadi is yum too.Love the color.Enjoy.Now I go and look for more info about the Silk squash!

  3. nice pachadi ....must have tasted great ....tamarind pulp adds loads of extra flavor

  4. Hi Pavani,

    I just love this chutney. My peddamma (Mom's sister) use to make this. It tastes great. Thanks for posting it here.


  5. I have not seen this Silk one in my city. I am glad you get them in yours. Nice one.

  6. I havent come across this yet in my city Pavani... Hope to find it

  7. Dear Pavani, that pachadi looks delicious...its name silk seems most appropriate. Most interesting!!! The colour of the dish tempts the taste buds.


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