Cook's Hideout: JFI - Jackfruit Masala Curry

May 25, 2007

JFI - Jackfruit Masala Curry

Bee and Jai at Jugalbandi are hosting this month’s JFI with a very special ingredient – Jackfruit (or Panasa kaya in telugu)
. I have never cooked with it before but I have tasted both ripe jackfruit and the yummy jackfruit curry (panasa pottu kura) that my Peddamma (Mom’s older sister) makes. But never have I thought of using the ingredient myself (don’t ask me why).

I have to thank Bee and Jai for choosing jackfruit as the ingredient, as it made me try it and both my husband and I liked the dish.
This recipe is from my cousin.

Jackfruit – 1 can, drained and rinsed; chopped into bite size pieces
Onion – 1 large
Tomatoes – 2 medium, ripe (I substituted one tomato with 1 tsp tomato paste)
Ginger-garlic paste – ½ tsp
Curry leaves – 6
Cumin seeds – ½ tsp
Red chili powder – ½ tsp
Chole masala – 1 tsp (or Garam masala)
Aamchur powder – ¼ tsp (or little bit of tamarind pulp)
Turmeric powder – ¼ tsp
Salt – to taste

  • Heat 2 tsp oil on medium heat; add cumin seeds and when they splutter add curry leaves and onions; sauté till transparent and lightly browned on the edges.
  • Add turmeric, ginger-garlic paste and sauté for 30 seconds.
  • Add tomatoes; cover and cook till the tomatoes are tender.
  • Next add the jackfruit pieces, ½ cup of water. Cover and cook for about 8-10 minutes.
  • Add the powders and salt; cook for another 3-5 minutes. Serve with steamed rice or rotis.


  1. thank you, pavani, for your wonderful entry. this is a novel way to cook jackfruit.

  2. Pavani,at last made it for JF girl!:))
    Looks delicious,thanks for the authentic recipe.I got some cans after many yrs and loved it.I have four dishes with JF,check out FH.Have a great weekend:))

  3. Hey..what a lovely dish for in-laws make the panasapottu koora,but I dont relish it that much `coz of the tedious preparation.But I need to try this simple dish and moreover I never knew Jackfruit was available in tins(cans)...what am I waiting for??? Need to head straight for the supermarket now....:)

  4. Hi Pavani,I just tried ur palakoora pulusu..yet to eat...will post the verdit tomm..

  5. This recipe sounds totally new to me. never heard of making curry with thi. Thanks for sharing. It sounds so yum.


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