Cook's Hideout: Monthly Blog Patrol - Bhargavi's Fried Rice

January 19, 2007

Monthly Blog Patrol - Bhargavi's Fried Rice

This is my entry to this month's MBP event-"Around the World", hosted by Coffee from My Khazana of Recipes. Recipe is from Bhargavi’s Maa Inti Vanta, where she has a wonderful collection of recipes from her kitchen in Japan. I loved her Fried rice recipe and it has been a staple in our home ever since.

Thank you Bhargavi for the recipe and thank you Coffee for this event.


  1. Thanks Pavani for this wonderful entry!!!! Looks lovely!!! :)

  2. Great entry Pavani.Beautiful!:)

  3. I am glad that u tried my recipe n liked it, Thankyou.
    Good day!


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