Cook's Hideout: Weekend Breakfast Blogging# 4 - The Round Up

September 01, 2006

Weekend Breakfast Blogging# 4 - The Round Up

Weekend breakfast blogging (WBB) is the brainchild of lovely Nanditha of Saffron trail who is traveling right now in the beautiful locales of Karnataka, India and she gave me the opportunity to guest host this fortnight's event.
I am not a morning person and weekends generally start around noon for me, which does not usually include breakfast. But I have to say; weekend breakfast WBB event has changed the look of my weekend mornings. Now it's either I'm thinking of what to make for the WBB event or looking through the recipes in the round up to make them myself (my husband is very happy because of this change).
I would like to thank Nandita for giving me this opportunity and all of you for participating with mouth watering recipes. Heres the round up (drum roll please....)

Bread and Pancakes:

Before leaving on her trip, Nandita has sent in her eggless Banana-Cardamom Bread recipe for a great way to start the day. Banana and cardamom combination must be really awesome.

Ange of Viciousange, from Melbourne, Australia, makes her Pancakes US style, fat and gorgeous. She says she loves pancakes and keeps trying new recipes. Ange, keep looking for those perfect pancakes and keep us posted. :-)

Jenjen of Milk and cookies, from Sydney, Australia, sent her rustic, easy to make Pumpkin and Sunflower scones. I am glad that scones are her newfound attraction, this means that we will get to see and learn more of her scones. U go girl...

Krithika of Manpasand, from U.S, tells us about shopping with her cute 5 year old twins and how she ends up with things that she never picked up. But I'm glad she ended with more blueberries than needed to make these yummy Banana-Blueberry muffins.

Meeta of whats for lunch honey , from Germany, sent her simple to make, soft and fluffy Blueberry buttermilk pancakes. This dish also comes with a warning that people with kids will have to more of these pancakes or eat them when the kids are not around. LOL...

Zorra of 1x umruehren bitte, from Andalucia, Spain, sent in her Lemon ricotta Fiorini. She says she wanted to make something special for WBB and made these wonderful fiorinis. I will start looking for those cute little fiorini-silicone molds.

South Indian Breakfast recipes: Idli and dosa are typical South Indian breakfast items (I should probably say anytime staple item). I did not know that there are so many different ways of making them. Here are some of the many variations.

Prema of My Cookbook, from NJ, sent her well tested and tried Rava dosa recipe. It is very quick and easy to make and who wouldn’t like that.

Menu Today, from US, sent in her Masala Dosa recipe, crispy dosas stuffed with Potato masala. She says, “Masala dosa is a Majedhar dosa”. I agree 100%.

Sudhav of My Samayal, from New York, sent her Idli, Dosa with Milaga podi recipe. Hot and fluffy idlis with spicy milaga podi is just perfect anytime of the week.

Deepa of Letz Cook from U.S, sent her Appam and Vegetable Kurma recipe. I have never made appam before and I’m definitely going to try Deepa’s appams soon.

Jayshree of Veggie Delight, from Pennsylvania, sent her favorite Ghee roast Dosa with Onion chutney. Her golden color dosa just makes me reach into the monitor.

Asha of Foodie’s Hope, from North Carolina, sent her Mysore Masala Dosa. She makes her dosa with rava instead of regular urad dal and rice, which she says makes tastier dosas.

Raji of Tastyblogs from Colarado, sent her special Idli Masala recipe. This is a really interesting recipe; she uses adai batter to make her mini idlis and smothers them with finger licking masala.

Usha of My Cooking Memoir & More, from Bay area, California, sent her recipe for Baby Idlis in Sambar. This is yet another delicious variation of regular idli and sambar recipe.

Other Breakfast items: One good thing about food blog events is that you get to learn more about other cuisines. Each country/region has its own distinct palate and here are some of the very typical Indian and International breakfast recipes.

Praveena of The Clothed Cook, from Melbourne Australia, has sent a very typical Indian recipe, Semya Upma. She says she struggles to answer people who ask about her breakfast because she is not sure how to explain what idli or dosa is to an Aussie. I hear you Praveena, we sometimes have the same problem here.

Madhuli of My Foodcourt, sent in Bhakricha Kala (Spiced Jowar roti w/ curd), a recipe originating from the rural farming communities of Maharashtra. This is a fast, easy, nutritious and filling recipe. If any recipe is described by more than 3 adjectives, you should just make it yourself.

Priya of Priya’s Kitchen, from San Jose, sent her easy to make Idiyappam. I always thought buying frozen idiyappam is the easiest way to make them, but Priya proved me wrong.

Ashwini of Food for Thought, from U.S, sent her Grilled Sprouts sandwich, which are packed with tons of protein and flavor. She says that the filling has a ‘street snack taste’, which makes these sandwiches even more delicious.

Maheswari of Diary, from Illinois, sent her favorite spicy Kozhukattai recipe. These look very similar to Andhra Undrallu recipe, will definitely give this spicy version a try soon.

CPG of Me, Myself and Cooking, from Germany, has sent her Dahlia Upma recipe. This is yet another simple recipe to prepare.

This is from another Priya of Akshayapaatram, from Cincinnati, who sent in her Mom’s Wheat rava khichdi/ Dahlia Upma recipe. She took time from her busy schedule in school to send us this nutritious recipe.

Ulrike, of K├╝chenlatein, from Kronshagen, Germany, sent her Summer Porridge recipe. She says that she is the only one in her family who likes porridge and I’m glad that she does and we get to see her beautiful fruit filled porridge.

Eggs: Eggs are universal breakfast item and it looks like every one of us has our own signature egg recipe.

Anita of A Mad Tea Party from Delhi, sent her simple, Scrambled eggs, made the American way with butter and cheese. This is a delicious and creamy breakfast.

Shaheen of Malabar spices, from New Jersey, sent her Garlic-Parsley toast with spinach omelet. She uses malabar spinach, grown in her own backyard (how about that!!), in the omelet. Great way to add extra nutrition in your breakfast.

Kendle of My Husband Cooks, sent this mouthwatering Frittata. Never thought of making frittata Spanish style and it definitely looks and sounds yummy.

Haalo of Cook (almost) anything at least once, from Melbourne, Australia, sent her Mediterranean Scrambled Eggs recipe. Reading the ingredients itself is working up my appetite; slow roasted baby tomatoes, fresh basil and goat cheese; can this get any better.

Finally, it’s yours truly’s, Potato and Mushroom Hash. This is a quick and easy, “clean up your refrigerator” recipe.

Thank you all again for participating and see you at Nandita's blog for WBB# 5.
All of you in U.S, have a safe Labor day weekend and for all the others have a great weekend. Adios Amigos.


  1. Pavani, Good job....nicely written:)

  2. Hey Pavani..great job..well put on the comments..

  3. Pavani, Neat work and very well written.

  4. Hi Pavani,
    Great job!!!! Hats of to you!!!!

  5. Pavani! You did a fantastic job. Thank you for taking this over in Nandi's absence!

  6. Pavani, nice round-up with well written comments. Now more options for breakfast from the expanded menu.....

  7. Pavani, i love the way u categorised it. Makes it so much fun to pick what cuisine I feel like eating for breakfast.Thanks

  8. Excellent job, Pavani! Nice looking grubs there! Too many dosas though , I should have sent my mean Belgian Waffles instead :)

    Oh well..there is always a next time ... Thanks for hosting!!!

  9. Thanks for the Great round up pavani..

  10. Wonderful Round up pavani!!! Thanks for all the lovely recipes.

  11. Looks delicious! Congrats on the wonderful job you did!

  12. Hey m a regular reader and this ones a really good job done...kudos...

  13. Thank you all for your comments.

  14. What a great roundup ! So many dishes to try. Great job hosting

  15. Hey just got back- and im doubly to see such a wonderful round up here and second coz I've been declared winner of Food Destinations week of absence and 2 super reasons to be happy!
    Will mail you soon

  16. Thank you Krithika.

    Hi Nandita,
    Hearty congratulations on winning food destinations. Hope your trip went well.


  17. Hi Pavani,

    Great round up! Was not sure mine would be there since i sent it very late. Thanks.


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