Cook's Hideout: Mango Almond Smoothie

July 10, 2015

Mango Almond Smoothie

Blogging Marathon# 54: Week 2/ Day 1
Theme: Kid's Delight -- Fruits in any form
Dish: Mango-Almond Smoothie
We are starting a brand new week of blogging marathon and my theme for this week is 'Fruits in any form'. It's for Valli's Kid's Delight event being hosted this month by Harini. I have 2 extremes at home, my son doesn't want to touch any fruit and my daughter loves most of the fruits. So for this week, I've tried to make dishes that would (hopefully) please both of them.
Mango Badam smoothie
First up is this delicious and nutritious mango-almond smoothie. With mango season in full swing, I am making sure to keep fresh, juicy mangoes in stock all the time. We eat most of them as is -- peeled and diced.

Mango Badam Smoothie
My daughter gets all excited when I start peeling the mangoes but my picky son runs the other way. After lot of coercing he ate 1 or 2 pieces and said it tastes good and now he understands why mango lassi tastes so good. Moral of the story is he would rather drink his fruit than eat them. So here's one way I can get him to eat/ drink some mangoes.
Mango Badam] Smoothie
This recipe is from a Telugu cooking show. Smoothie looked so thick and delicious on TV, that I was tempted to make it right away. Almonds make the smoothie creamy and nutty. Both my kids slurped it right up.

Mango - 2 medium, peeled and diced (about 3cups)
Almonds - 2~3tbsp
Sugar or other sweetener - as needed
Milk - 1½cups (Almond milk would taste great here, but any dairy or non-dairy milk can be used)
Ice Cubes - for serving

  • Soak almonds for at least 4~5 hours or overnight. Once ready, they can be peeled or not -- it's totally up to you. I peeled mine :-)
  • Grind the almonds with ¼cup of milk into a smooth paste.
  • Next add the mango cubes, sugar or other sweetener and the remaining milk. Blend until smooth.
  • Serve over ice. Enjoy!!
Mango Badam Smoothie

Lets check out what my fellow marathoners have cooked today for BM# 54.


  1. I am a fan of the fruit eaten whole but this smoothie form seems to please kids :-))

  2. That's really a very tempting smoothie and lovely color..

  3. Understanding kids' eating habit is indeed a great effort. Great that you made your son enjoy mangoes. This looks so inviting..

  4. Last pic makes me drool..wonderful smoothie..

  5. Love the color of the smoothie and love anything with mango.

  6. I like to eat my fruits and also these kinds of smoothies just as my little one. Thanks for sending it to the 'Kid's delight'.

  7. Yum, just loving that glass of goodness. Love anything made of mangoes

  8. Love the lovely color of this smoothie.

  9. Love the vibrant color. Almonds is an interesting addition.

  10. Love adding nuts to mango smoothie! We love mangoes as well but use up most as the fruit.

  11. Lovely colour and an interesting combo.

  12. what a perfectly thick and creamy smoothie

  13. Pictures are so yum! wonderful reading about your kids..and the way we struggle most times to get them taste all, really is so amazes me that your kids are not so fussy as mine!..


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