Cook's Hideout: Noodley Pudding (Siwayan/ Semya Custard pudding) for Blog Anniversary

May 29, 2015

Noodley Pudding (Siwayan/ Semya Custard pudding) for Blog Anniversary

Month of May flew by really, really fast. It was quite a busy month jam packed with a lot of fun and food -- celebrated my birthday, Mother's day, met some blog buddies, took a painting class along with couple of friends, planted a raised bed garden and caught up with family and friends. I wish all months are this way -- even though it went fast, a lot of things have happened and most of the time is accounted for unlike some months were absolutely nothing happens in the whole entire month.
Noodley Pudding (Siwayan/ Semya Custard pudding)
Along with the other happy incidents, my blog completed 9 years and entered into it's 10th year of blogging. I don't think I even knew what I was doing or what I wanted to do with the blog 9 years ago when I started it. This space was my way of documenting my recipes, never thought I would last this long. Being a stay at home mom for the last 3 years, the blog has become my main hobby -- it gives me something else to think about other than the mundane everyday chores.

Noodley Pudding (Siwayan/ Semya Custard pudding)
I have to thank my family for all their support. Thank you to Valli & the BM group for all their inspiration and encouragement -- without which I'm 100% sure I would have stopped blogging many years ago. Thank you to all my readers for visiting my blog and leaving your valuable comments.
Noodley Pudding (Siwayan/ Semya Custard pudding)
Here's a dessert to celebrate the occasion. This Noodley pudding or Siwayan is a creamy, custardy and spiced dish made with semya or vermicelli. Recipe is from 'The Middle Eastern Vegetarian' cookbook by Sally Butcher. I bookmarked it the minute saw it in the book and made it recently.
This pudding is similar to semya payasam except that it is thicker and creamier with the addition of custard powder. My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed this dish (both my husband and son avoid milk based dishes -- which means more for the ladies -- yay!!)
Noodley Pudding (Siwayan/ Semya Custard pudding)
Vermicelli/ Semya - ⅓cup, roughly broken
Unsalted butter/ Ghee - 2tbsp
Turmeric - ½tsp 
Ground Cardamom - ½tsp
Milk - 2cups
Custard powder - 2tsp
Condensed Milk - ½cup
Raisins - ⅓cup, soaked in water for 10~15 minutes
Almonds/ Cashews/ Pistachios - ⅓cup, roughly chopped

  • Break the noodles roughly and fry them in the butter/ ghee, tossing them occasionally. After a few minutes, add turmeric and ground cardamom.
  • Pour the milk into a heavy bottomed pan, add the spiced, browned noodles and bring the mixture to a gentle simmer. After about 12~15 minutes, the noodles should be soft and cooked.
  • Take a couple of tablespoons of milk and mix it with the custard powder, then stir it back into the pan along with the condensed milk.
  • Cook the mixture for another 5~6 minutes, stirring well. If it looks too thick, then add more milk.
  • Finally stir in the raisins and most of the nuts, reserving a few to decorate. Serve hot or cold.
Noodley Pudding (Siwayan/ Semya Custard pudding)

Linking this to Valli's 'Cooking from Cookbook ChallengeMay -- Week 5'.



  1. Congrats on your blog anniversary!!! This pudding looks so rich and tempting. This is perfect for the occasion. You have captured the pudding beautifully!!!

  2. Hearty congrats dear! 9 years is definitely not a short period! Love the pudding, something that I would really enjoy... lovely pictures as well...

  3. Congrats on your blog anniversary pavani!! 9 years is a big thing!!! Pudding look absolutely delicious. Rich and creamy perfect for the occasion.

  4. Happy blog anniversary! Even my blog anniversary is in May. I wanted to do a post but as usual, got lazy :( It was my blogs 7th anniversary and could not believe I have been blogging for 7 years! Semya custard looks rich and delicious. Nice way to celebrate the occasion.

  5. Gosh into 10th Pavani!..congratulations..I am wishing your blog many many years to know how much I love your pictures..each and every pic looks so classy!..great job there pavani..this semiya payasam looks stunning..

  6. Congrats on your blog anniversary, a delicious pudding to celebrate with.

  7. Congrats on blog anniversary..Wishing you many more years of blogging.Wow..Wonderful pudding..Inviting photos & nicely presented.

  8. Congrats Pavani..Wish you many more to come :-)

  9. Wishing you many more milestones Pavani n need I mention the pics look stunning as usual :))

  10. I made this pudding yesterday and it turned out to be delicious. Thanks so much for the recipe


    1. Hi Priya, Thank you so much for letting me know. I'm very glad that you liked it :-)


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