Cook's Hideout: A-Z International

October 01, 2014

A-Z International

A-Z International Dishes: Cooking from countries around the world 1 Letter at a time.
It has been an amazing culinary journey around the world and I had so much fun researching for dishes from all the different countries and making them at home. We visited 26 different countries without passports and I thoroughly enjoyed each and every one of the dishes I made. I have to thank my family for being such a sport and being open to trying out new cuisines -- without them this marathon would not have been possible. Also big thanks to Valli for being the awesome organizer that she is. Finally thanks to my BM group for all their inspiration and support.
Here's a pictorial recap of all the dishes I tried this month.


  1. what a delightful sight this is..had such a great time reading the posts....

  2. Lovely pictorial recap of A-Z international cooking. Lovely pictures and nice collection of international recipes. It was fun doing the marathon.

  3. A true visual treat. So colorful and beautifully presented. I can say I have enjoyed reading every one of these posts.

  4. Mindblowing and such a delightful dishes u have given us virtually Pavani, loved ur dishes..

  5. Wow! Never realized that the recap can be so tempting, Pavani. Lovely pictures!

  6. My gosh, your pictorial is so sinful Pavani..such beautifully captured pictures and such great efforts..thanks for giving us a beautiful tour..


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