Cook's Hideout: A-Z Culinary Journey through Indian States Recap (Indian Food Odyssey Recap)

May 02, 2014

A-Z Culinary Journey through Indian States Recap (Indian Food Odyssey Recap)

Indian Food Odyssey is a culinary journey through the Indian states and selected union territories. It has been quite a journey, I have to say, that I thoroughly enjoyed taking. A lot of Googling, Wikipedia reading went into this. Here's a recap of the 30 dishes I made for this series:

Andhra Pradesh -- Madatha Kaaja:

 Arunachal Pradesh -- Thukpa:
Assam -- Labra
Bihar -- Litti Chokha:
Chhattisgarh -- Chila & Katte Masoor Dal:
Delhi -- Aloo Chaat:

Goa -- Vegan Feijoada:
Gujarat -- Mini Thali:
Haryana -- Bajre ki Roti & Paneer do Pyaza:
Himachal Pradesh -- Auriya Kadoo:
Jammu & Kashmir -- Palak Nadir:
Jharkand -- Dhuska & Ghugni:
Karnataka -- Pathir Pheni:
Kerala -- Appam & Vegetable Stew:
Madhya Pradesh -- Indori Poha & Jalebi:
Maharashtra -- Vada Pav:

Manipur -- Kelli Chana:
Meghalaya -- Vegetarian Jadoh:
Mizoram -- Chhum Han:
Nagaland -- Betang Meh:
Orissa -- Mitha Khechudi & Mitha Dali:
Pondicherry -- Pori Kuzhambu/ Pathiya Kuzhambu:
Punjab -- Makki di Roti & Sarson ka Saag:
Rajasthan -- Lunch Thali:
Sikkim -- Vegetarian Momos:
Tamil Nadu -- Chettinad Vegetarian Biryani:
Tripura -- Kosoi Bwtwi:
Uttar Pradesh -- Nimona:
Uttarakhand -- Mandua ki Roti & Aloo-Tamatar ki Jhol:
West Bengal -- Lobong Lathika:


  1. Fantastic spread Pavani. Loved all your dishes.

  2. Pavani, what can I say!!..everything looks so fantastic...I drooled all over again on your much efforts and everything looks fantastic!

  3. Pavani, each and every dish is so awesome and it was a wonderful journey with you through the month! I have bookmarked tons of recipe from you :)

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