Cook's Hideout: A-Z Dishes from around 4 corners of India (Journey through the Cuisines Recap)

May 02, 2016

A-Z Dishes from around 4 corners of India (Journey through the Cuisines Recap)

We just completed our month long mega marathon, 'Journey through the Cuisines'. I picked 4 states from 4 corners of India and it was fun looking for recipes that fit into the alphabetical order and then cooking & enjoying the regional favorites. I have already added many of the dishes into my weekly rotation. Also I have so many of my fellow marathoners recipes bookmarked that I really really want to try ASAP.
This marathon would not have been possible without the amazing food bloggers that blog traditional regional recipes. They have truly inspired me to explore my own regional food and blog about it -- this will be a great learning experience for me. So BIG thanks to all the Indian food bloggers for posting the authentic and traditional dishes from around India.

Here's the Recap of Journey through the Cuisines.

Week 1: West Bengal Cuisine

Week 2: Rajasthani Cuisine

Week 3: Gujarati Cuisine

Week 4: Kerala Cuisine

Check out the Blogging Marathon page for the other Blogging Marathoners doing BM# 63.



  1. Pavani that's one stunning collection...I am speechless seeing such beautifully done pictures all in one place!..thank you so much for doing this series and giving us so much joy!

  2. Pavani, enjoyed all the dishes from 4 corners of India. Lovely round up of this amazing journey through regional cuisines.

  3. Lovely collage Pavani. I just enjoyed reading all your recipes from four states...

  4. Loved all the authentic recipes from the four states. Amazing clicks. Wonderful.

  5. You came out with many delicious dishes and loved all your dishes from 4 corners of India, especially that Khoba roti went directly to my to do list, bookmarked many dishes to try very soon.

  6. So many delicious dishes from 4 corners of India Pavani, amazing pics. I bookmarked a lot of dishes. It was really fun doing the marathon with you.

  7. That is an awesome collection, Pavani. This month all your pictures were set in he 'moody' background and it definitely added a new dimension to your posts.

  8. Pavani. I loved all the cuisines you chose, beautiful recipes and awesome clicks. Have so many bookmarks now, wonder when will they be tried.You rocked !!

  9. I totally enjoyed the 4 states cuisine presented by you.Loved the stunning pictures and the beautiful presentation.Fabulous job Pavani ,kudos to your efforts.

  10. Such a wonderful journey through the four corners of India! Stunning recipes, awesome pictures and lots of recipes worth bookmarking. While I loved the way you made and styled all the Gujarati food, Khoba Roti has found a special spot in my bookmarked list and I am going to make it soon! :) Lovely Marathon!

  11. Wow pavani this is one awesome spread. My eyes had amazing food vision. Love all the recipe done by u and also studying pic n beautiful props. Hats off to u


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