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December 29, 2015

Recipe Failures 2015

As much as I want to admit that all my recipes turn out great, there are quite a few recipe mishaps in the kitchen. After documenting my Nutella swirl bread failures, I started to take photos of all of my failed attempts. So without further ado, here are some of my epic recipe failures for the year 2015:

Bread without Salt: One of the biggest lesson I learned this year is not to forget adding salt in any bread recipe. I made that mistake twice and the bread was unmistakably tasted and looked like cardboard both times. So always ADD SALT to bread dough.

Red Curry Pumpkin Soup: This sounded so delicious in theory but the soup didn't really live up to its expectations. Something was off with the recipe, I couldn't really figure it out and after eating the soup I didn't really want to figure it out. It was BAD.

Pasta with Zucchini & Tomato: This recipe was actually pretty tasty but I think peeling the zucchinis made the dish look pale and a little unappetizing. Oh, the zucchini I used in this dish is from my garden, so this dish sure has a special place in my heart but not on the blog.

Colombian Mashed Green Potato: I made this Colombian breakfast dish for the September mega marathon, Buffet on table. It tasted very good but the photo didn't turn out as good as the dish. So this went straight into my disaster folder.

Peach Cobbler: I found this recipe for individual peach cobbler and it looked quite promising. But don't think the final product looked any close to what was shown in the video. I also put some ice cream on top while taking pictures only to realize later that I wasted a scoop on this dessert :-(

Custard powder Snack Cake: This snack cake had everything I like, custard powder, chocolate chips and it's a cake, for god sake, what's not to like about it. I honestly don't know what went wrong, but this cake had a sandy texture and was pretty taste less. Too bad I actually liked these pictures, but couldn't post on the blog.

So there you have it my disasters of 2015. Would love to hear about yours, if you have any in the comments, I will feel better that I have company :-) Hopefully 2016 will be much better with fewer mishaps. I have my Best of 2015 coming up in couple of days, so come back for that :-)


  1. I loved all these pictures, including the Colombian green mashed potatoes. Enjoyed reading this and looking forward to the best of 2015!

  2. I remember making a custard cake and totally hating it... :( The picture of the Columbian Mashed Potato looks amazing, I don't know why you found it bad... It requires a lot of courage to document failures on the blog... We are strange, right... we take so much pain to click pictures first without even tasting the end product and then finally, we have to trash our hard work both the ways... :)

  3. Super pavani. We learn from our mistakes!! I loved all your beautifully captured mishaps! !!!

  4. Wow, love that u showcased all ur failures, really you are fabulous.. Actually people wont like to expose the dark side of the baking and cooking and u did it..Wonderful Pavani.

  5. I love your photos though! I recently shared similarly on my blog. I am NOT a cook!

  6. Enjoyable post as I've had my fair share of failures in the kitchen. Love it!

  7. what a great idea and just as a side note sometimes its just a bad recipe and has nothing to do with you. Most cookbook publishers don't test every recipes especially if its a huge book by a big name publisher. I have this one cookbook and after I tried 3 recipes and not one turned out good I decided it was the book and not me and got rid of the book :)


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