Cook's Hideout: Fire Up your Oven Recap -- Baking Mega Marathon

May 02, 2015

Fire Up your Oven Recap -- Baking Mega Marathon

Those of you following my blog, you probably already know what 'Fire up your Oven' means, it's the month long mega baking marathon we did as a group in April. It was so much fun baking 26 different dishes and posting them each day. What was even more exciting was the anticipation of what the other marathoners are going to post each day :-) 
I broadly divided my bakes into 4 categories -- Breads, Breakfast Bakes, Cakes & Miscellaneous. Here's a recap of all that I posted for the marathon.



  1. Fabulous bakes,u simply rocked with ur beautiful 26 bakes Pavani.

  2. Those are some lovely bakes and enjoyed running the marathon with you. BTW tried your pide yesterday.


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